WTB Pure PvP Toon 100m SP+

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I´m looking for a pure Subcap PvP Toon without wasted SP in Mining Indu Science etc.

Must haves:

*100 mil SP +

  • no wasted SP in Science Industry etc
  • nearly every race and subcap done
  • maybe a few Cap Skills
    *not to bad Killboard (Will check that)
    *no curious RMT Contracts (will also check that)

I´m not in hurry to buy a new toon, so it could maybe take a few days until I reply and choose one. My offers will be at market price, above the usual Extractor Guys but I´m not willing to pay any moon prices.

Just offer me everything with Eveboard via EvE-Mail prefered. Mabye send me also when I could reach you ingame (EvE Time)


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125 mil SP
plus 4.76 mil reallocable SP ( the equivalent of over 31 skill injectors, worth 22 bil isk )

spaceship command

all T1 frigates level 5
all T1 destroyers level 5
all tactical destroyers level 5
all T1 cruisers level 5
amarr/caldari/minmatar strategic cruisers level 5
all T1 battleships level 5
assault frigates level 5
covert ops level 5
HAC level 5
HIC level 5
interceptors level 5
interdictors level 5
logistics frigates level 5
marauders level 5
recon level 5

gunnery - 34 mil SP

all subcap T1’s level 5
all support level 5
most medium and large specializations level 5

missiles - 13.7 mil SP

all support level 5
all T1’s level 5 ( including bombs )
all specs level 4

4 remaps available

125 bil

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Accepting your offer. Sent you ingame via Patienten an EvE Mail just contact me when you´re online. !

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