WTS 123mil SP PVP Toon


i’m for sale.

  • This character can fly almost anything.
  • Has very good Killboard efficiency
  • Full grade slave set on board

Starting bid 115 bil isk

no b\o so far but i’m looking for something close to 130 bil isk.

115b :slight_smile:

thanks for the offer but i’m looking for a bit higher price :slight_smile:

i would like to finish the deal today, so whoever offers better price get’s the character. gl !

http://eveboard.com/pilot/prosto_Vovka swap?.. if you can add 13B

nah, sorry, i need isk :frowning:

K ill sell this one and send some

Mail me and I may buy him

up! if you think the price is too much - make your bet and i’ll consider.

I am buying this character

Isk recieved, character transfer initiated

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