WTS 38m PvP focused pilot

Cool name! Very focused PvP skills. Nice zKillboard!

Can fly Leshak and Guardian.

EveSkillboard - Xeno Wolf

Xeno Wolf | Character | zKillboard

No assets. 0 ISK. No kill rights. -1.0 Security. Located in Amarr.

Reserve hidden.

Buyout 25b ISK.

Accepting bids.

Auction ends: Saturday 24th April at downtime.

17 bill


id do 20b just to get this going…

Thanks for bids so far! Keep em coming!

whats your lowest youd take right now?

im willing to work out a deal with yah i just returned to the game hardcore pvper i sold my 120m sp toon years ago and kept this industrialist looking for a toon and id be happy to carry on the legacy :stuck_out_tongue:

it would take me a few hours to get the isk as im borrowing it from a friend

Discord: Kael Zatek#0206

ill join tonight

and msg you

Character still up for sale. Highest bid so far 20b.

20.5 bill

my offer stands as i am wondering if Ginas 20.5b offer stands after buying another toon…

21b ISK

21.5 bill

22 bill

22.5 bill


isk ready aswell :slight_smile: