Skills->Xeno Wolves Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App
Zkillboard->Xeno Wolf | Character | zKillboard the killboard is pretty nice
let me know your bids thanks!

25b for start

I understand that you are not active on this character in game, do you have discord or other similar apps we can chat over?

26b bid

30b offer

Xeno Wolf 31B

yeah i have a discord The Rust Crew

appreciate the offers!

32b offer



Bump! toon is still skilling daily!


Are you looking to sell it and if you are what is the buyout cos if its just a price check then im not gonna bother

i have a number in mind ill let you know if you hit it feel free to offer im looking to sell this one and upgrade possibly

i love the toon I just want to try and find more so I’m not looking for a quick sell I’m looking to get what its worth otherwise ill keep using it I’m debating on dumping 10m more sp into it

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