WTS 115M SP PVP/PVE CHAR wolf hekki


115,228,945 SP
Yearly Remap 1
Bonus Remap 2
Sec Status -1.11
3 jump clones
Mid range implants

I will adhere to all CCP rules & I will pay for the transfer of the character.

Start Bid - 90 Bill B/O 95

I’ll offer 80b.

Im offering 83b. Ready to do the transfer today if you accept.

84b, final offer.

I can do 85b

90 & Ill let it go.

Sorry replied with another char, 90 bill & I will accept today & transfer immediately.

I think the maximum I can do is 87.5b. Would that work?

Yes. I can manage that.

Thank you for your offers friend.

Isk and info sendt. Pleasure doing business with you.

User target name - Account name not recognised. Ive opened chat in game also just to confirm.

Okay give me a sec to check whats wrong. (this is my alt btw)

Yeh I noticed. No worries, usually just whatever your account name is to log in is the name I have to put in.

Okay i figured it out. Just log into the game so i can send the account name there :wink:

ISK received, transfer initiated. Please check your email & confirm.

Pleasure doing business.

Character transfer recieved! Thanks alot! :slight_smile:

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