WTA 80mil sp Carrier/Super/Dread/Blackops/Marauder toon

Skill Sheet

Some Notable Lvl 5 Skills
:joy::ok_hand: Fighters
:joy::ok_hand: Heavy Fighters
:joy::ok_hand: Capital Projectile Turret
:joy::ok_hand: Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration
:joy::ok_hand: Jump Drive Calibration
:joy::ok_hand: Cybernetics
:joy::ok_hand: Caldari Battleship
:joy::ok_hand: Caldari Cruiser
:joy::ok_hand: Gallente Cruiser
:joy::ok_hand: Minmatar Carrier
:joy::ok_hand: Minmatar Cruiser

Total Skill Points 80,209,020 including 225,000 Unallocated
Kill Rights None
Sec Status 5.0
Wallet Possitive
Remaps 1 Standard 2 Bonus

Starting Bid 75bil
Buy Out 85bil

I researve the right to change buy out amount and cancel the auction at any time

If you eve mail me please also post here to let me know as i dont actively use this toon

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50 Bil

sorry not looking for a quick sale below exstraction

57 bil

Im going to keep the character Im not gonna sell it at a low price

62 bil

im keeping the character unless i get buy out price listed above I dont need to sell toon and not going to sell it at a low price

good luck :slight_smile: o7

Up Again Received ingame offer of 80 will accept tonight if no other bids

80 Bil Sent, Please send character to Magik_Remix

Transfer started Enjoy

Character recieved, thank you!

bump because i can and being an annoying time waster but really it’s just to show that eve isn’t dead and those crying about cyno changes can see that legit it doesn’t matter.

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