WTS - 37 Mil SP - Drone Boat PVE Character - 33B BO

Selling PVE character with 37 Mil SP

No killrights.

Remap available now.

Azrael T EvEBoard

Starting Price 28 B ono (33B BO) - Auction to run for 7 days from OP

NPC Corp

Will Be located in Jita by end of auction.

28 bil.

28.5 bil

31.5 bill isk ready

33B B/o ono Gets the character.

32 isk ready now

32 isk ? I am after 33,000,000,000 isk. Thanks for the bid though.

32 bill bud lol

Why say Auction then? Hoping your character is worth more then it is, and people will freak out and overpay for it?

To be perfectly honest. It started as an auction as I have really only recently come back to the game and was trying to consolidate my characters. I just threw a 33B buyout because i felt that was just, after doing some research and seeing that most toons get sold on the injector value these days. I felt that If i got 33B that would be a fair price and would make the sale faster as I work away and don’t have alot of time in the next few days to worry about getting max value for my character. All fair in love and character sales ?

32bil B/O i have the isk waiting if your intrested let me know thanks

Let’s do it. Send the isk through. This toon. And mail me the account details.

Sold to Mr Pigs. Isk recieved and account info recieved.

Will begin transfer asap. Thanks for the sale.

isk sent and account name sent also

Theres a problem sending to your account. Says you already have a character transfer in place.

Thats my fault it will be complete at 17:40 GMT if you can waituntill then ?

Ill do as soon as i wake up in the morning. I am aussie tz.

ok thanks please keep me informed here

please can you send the Charecter to the account i sent you if i do not recive a reply i will have to contact CCP

Hey mate, Terribly sorry. No malice meant. I got called into work today for an emergency and just got back home. Will login and start it all now.