WTS 6.1M SP Pilot - 3B

Selling myself.
SP : 6,159,661
Neural remap available
Bonus remap available : 1

In NPC Corpation

Implants : None

Negative SS (-0.08) but no kill rights
Positive Wallet


WTS : 3 B

=> No evemail

Ready to purchase

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Ok, EveMail me the account information and send me the isks.
I’m online.

No news here or InGame, I’m still for sale for 3.2B

I can offer 3B

Syndra, I accept your offer for 3B.

I will Pm you in game

Ok another waste of time…
Price reduced.

Reply only if you know how to buy a character. If you do not, call a friend or who you want but not me :).

If you want me, send me the isk, send me an eve mail with the account information and I’ll pay the fee.

i can pay 3.1b to buy you char 。im working now.i will send isk and mail after 1hour

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Cez McNez ; i’m waiting for your isk and account info.

isk send pls check。

Received, transfer in progress.
Thank you !

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