Kill Board Padding

Don’t particularly need to be in an alliance but if you could use someone to help pad your kill board then let me know in game.
1 Bilion ISK a month and I’m yours (A bargain for the kills me/my corp can bring.). This is to compensate me for all the kills, new alliance blues, which I will have to let go by. Now to sweeten the offer I am offering to pay YOU 500 million ISK any time 1 of the toons in my corp gets killed during the month. Now even if you don’t need the better kill board it is certainly worth investing 1 billion for the chance to make much more when I get killed.
I don’t care who pays me so If you are a dedicated alliance member, who just wants to help out your alliance KB or get more enjoyment from my deaths, then let me know and I will accept payment on the down low. Just keep in mind I will not be taking part in alliance operations.
So I don’t have to explain it again I can’t take part in alliance operations because of real world obligations that only allow me brief moments of game play. I enjoy fleet commanding but simply do not have time.

Addendum: I am truly stunned that people do not appreciate the offer I am putting on the table here! (I suspect it’s like explaining physics to a dog.)
You can always tell a good offer by looking at it from both sides so I am adding an addendum to my offer.
I am willing to set up my own alliance and pay anyone who has been PvP active for at least 2 years, has all 3 of their stats in the 90%, and can pump out 100 kills a month the same deal I am offering other alliances.
I will pay you 1 Billion isk a month to join it. Every time you die you will pay me 500 million isk. At the end of the month we would settle up.
This hypothetical alliance would have NO blues what-so-ever (So you could continue to kill with your current friends/alliance) you could even try to kill fellow alliance mates. You could have your current alliance simply add that toon as a “blue” alt to them so you can continue to take part in alliance activities.
For the rare 1% of people playing EVE this is an easy 1 billion isk a month with no loss of game content to yourselves!
If you fit the criteria I am looking for (All 90%'s, over 100 kills a month and dieing no more than 2 times a month.), and do not choose to take me up on my offer, you ARE the 1 % top killers in EVE so keep that in mind when it comes to figuring out your true worth in whatever alliance your in!

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Sounds like a noob barking up an old dead

“noob” Really? And from someone who has less play time then even this toon. >.<

If anyone expresses interest in this let me know. I might be able to work with you on facilitating it.

Yup your a noob

New update to offer.

What will you do when they change the loki?

I can do what I’m doing with any ship.
It’s just easier with one that can warp cloaked. And of those that can warp cloaked the T3’s are easier still.
Of the T3’s the proteus would actually work better but I started with the Loki, many years back when it was the only T3 I could fly, so I’m sticking with it. :slight_smile:

Do you do any real pvp or just t3 cruiser vs the occasional frigate?

I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise. :confused:
The slow mindedness of people in this game is truly stunning! Everyone seems to have a myopic and short sided view as to 1) how the game is played and 2) the reasons people do what they do.
I don’t generally hand walk the slow minded but I get these dumbass questions all the time so I will answer it for the benefit of everyone.
If you look back at my killboard you will see that I have done just about every kind of PvP you can think of, minus super cap v super cap, in pretty much every kind of environment in the game.
Personally the thing I enjoy most about this game is griefing. And I especially love griefing supposed “Pro’s”.
Now those of you without the slightest strategic thought in your mind might think that I am simply killing frigates. This is not the case. What I am doing is making EVERY local pirate go around my gate 24/7. Everyone in the region now makes multiple jumps around my gate because, though the chances are slim that I am actual at the key board, they don’t want the shame of having been killed by me… and the terror does not stop there.
Along with avoiding my gate everyone also warps to pings in my system as they go through in pods. They do not do this in adjoining systems, I have eyes there as well, but make exceptions in mine simply because I am there.
Lastly I show how truly worthless most of these “Pro’s” are. I camp the same gate, every day and yet no one can kill me (And yes EVERYONE around here has tried at least once to camp me out). I used to camp 2 gates but thought that was making things too hard for others to kill me so I dropped it back down to 1.
So who has the skill set to kill me? Well I realized that the type of person who could kill me would be the same type of person who hunts Supers. Which is probably why I don’t get killed… because they are hunting Supers :slight_smile:

Think it’s because your cloaked most of the time

Sounds dumb, how you gonna pad my killboard if no one comes to your little system?
How do you complete other objectives if you only stay in one area?
I’ll be honest here; i HAVE done every kind of pvp there is; you dont look like a pvper, you look like someone who is scared of losses. So scared of losses in fact that you dont really know how to play the game - so you stick to a one sided sort of pvp that tbh, isnt really player vs player.

If you want some respect as such id suggest you go out and earn it, instead of just going for easy overkill and trying to pretend your any good.

ps, i didnt finish what you wrote as you are

Well gosh pumpkin. Sounds like your sensitive feelings have somehow been hurt.

Contact Mecha Dva. I understand that, for a small fee, he can provide you with some counseling to help you through your BBS trama.

If, after a few sessions, he lets me know that you two are making progress working through your difficulties have him contact me and I’d be happy to help pay for more sessions to help you finish your journey of self discovery and spiritual uplifting.
Having said that I wish you best of luck and bid you a good day sir. :slight_smile:

LoL your flanneling around like a wet towel wont save your uselessness princess :heart:

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Towels generally aren’t made of flannel…unless you use ruipped up rags from the thrift shop?

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I said good day sir!

Most towels are made of cotton… which is the same thing flannels are generally made of.

That was a bit of a silly thing to say was it not?

Well…I pointed out your incorrect statement. If you do spread falsity regularly, people WILL call you out.

the statement isnt incorrect, only your limited ability to understand the materials items are made of is.
I can direct you to a wonderful thing called the internet that will corroborate this information, but i somehow feel your IQ leaves you more than incapable of proper research.
As is your understanding of the english language…