3B offered for this contract

(Mr Furry Palms) #1


this is my offer and it is open to any and all.

There is an Azbel located in a high sec system called Gallareue, it is a 0.8 system with only 1 gate.
The station is owned by a corp called “The Fringe V” which is very active in this dead end system.
The amount of 3 billion isk will be awarded to the corp or alliance which can kill the station and 10 players in that corp. Newb ships or hulls worth less than 10m do not count as kills…pod kills get a 50m bonus to the pilot that gets the kill mail.

No ship replacement plan is offered.

Killing the station only gets you 2b.
Killing the station and 10 hulls kills gets you 3b.
Additional kills get the following rewards.

After the first ten kills are recorded on TFV’s killboard the following bonus’s will be awarded.

Battleships are 50m per kill. (and these guys love to fly in faction ships)
Battle Cruisers are 40m per kill.
Assault Frigs, Cruisers and such are 20m each.
Industrial ships, miners and such are 20m each.
An Orca or Freighter is 100m.

I will be watching this thread and checking kill-boards to verify kills.

My ISK is plentyful and I have no issues sending to the players that earn it.

The time limit on this offer is from the date of this post until June 30 2018 23:59 hours EvE time.

EDIT: The system I am talking about is 4 hi sec jumps from Dodixie.

Added bonus for Pod kills = 10% of the implant value as shown on the kill-board will be paid above the 50m base rate.

(fredricko smit) #2

Just hire mercs like the rest of eve do no one is going to start a dec in the hopes your good on your word. besides you get the right mercs they may do way more damage than what your asking.

(Epos ProductionZ) #3

bash and blueball, wait until the unachor and steal it, xD

(Mr Furry Palms) #4


As it happens, the corp I represent tried that, they wanted a simple station defense and the crew they contracted failed.

If needed, a third party escrow will be employed to secure payments.

As far as isk is concerned, 3b isn’t much, but we feel that this is a better way to go about this type of job to guaranty performance, hek, we would even cover the dec fee if it was reasonable, but to pay up front for something you may not get just doesn’t work here anymore.

(fredricko smit) #5

Try VMG mercs

(Mr Furry Palms) #6

lolz, thats how they got the first one, classic move to, hang out in a cloaky hauler right at the outside of the ring, mwd to the prize…classic stuffs

(Epos ProductionZ) #7

that’s how I lost an athanor but my buddy and I stole a fortizar with an orca

(Mr Furry Palms) #8

yep, this one had 12 of them sitting literally within scoop range of the can…and they missed it, add 600m to the war chest :slight_smile:

(Natural CloneKiller) #9

We dont get out of bed for 3 bil. Make it a round 7 bil and we will see the timers out.

(Mr Furry Palms) #10

um…yeah, I just check out your kill-board, kinda laughable…21 pilots in Rattles to kill 1…yeah one as in 1 24m isk fighter…you all must have been so proud…gf in local to i bet.

good kill-board though, you guys way to expensive for a station breaker…

(Phalanx Formation) #11

maybe try it here: Public Mercenary Channel - Mercenary Services

(Pumuckel Bygderocker) #12

So just some additional info here from the other side.

Your friend you are mentioning is probably Benny and his alliance.
He has been going around this highsec area and been blackmailing newb corps with newbie players for isk.
If they did not pay he would destroy them and their citadels.
As you can see on their killboard they have multiple citadel kills from newbie corps who has no choice but to forfeit their citadels.
This has mostly likely caused some of the new people coming into to eve, to quit, but hey thats eve.
He tried the same things with The Fringe V’s, Because they looked like an easy target, however instead of blowing up their citadels, he has now lost one of his own. (an corp lost an citadel who has left benny alliance)
He has not yet attacked a fringe citadel or even defended his own. But now the big bad bully is hiring mercs.

(Pumuckel Bygderocker) #13

Re: Gallareue
From: Benny Broadband
Sent: 2018.05.09 22:14
To: Pumuckel Bygderocker,

Thank you for you attention to this matter.

Rent is due on the 15th day of the month.

Please note your payment with Gal, Ath, TFV for book keeping purposes.

If for some reason you decide that complying with this agreement is not in your best interests, your presence in Gallareue will not be tolerated.


Re: Gallareue
From: Pumuckel Bygderocker
Sent: 2018.05.09 14:10
To: Benny Broadband,

Hello Benny nice to talk to you

looking forward to have en diplo meeting with you sir :wink:

From Pumuckel

From: Benny Broadband
Sent: 2018.05.09 04:47
To: Pumuckel Bygderocker,

Athanor rent, 100m per month in Gallareue

(Pumuckel Bygderocker) #14

Re: RE: Life in a one gate system.
From: Benny Broadband
Sent: 2018.05.17 18:17
To: Pumuckel Bygderocker,


First I must thank you for your contribution to our war fund, I was rather impressed by the way you and all your corp mates gathered around an un-anchored Raitaru and defended it until I was able to eat my Avacado sandwich and warp over and scoop it up. The 600m I sold if for will surely go to a good cause.

This could have gone a different way for you, when we cleaned out Galla, Nauss and Trosq we left active corps alone and applied a system rental fee which would have, in your case, left you as the sole player owned station in Galla and alowed you to cash in on other players efforts, a rather large bonus for only 100m per month.

Now you will probably suffer many more loss’s.


RE: Life in a one gate system.
From: Pumuckel Bygderocker
Sent: 2018.05.17 18:05
To: Benny Broadband,

Hi Benny
Thanks for the war invite

Just to let you know
Our leadership In our main Corp has denied us to pay rent

So i Think you Can expect an easy kill :wink:

Life in a one gate system.
From: Benny Broadband
Sent: 2018.05.16 17:16
To: Pumuckel Bygderocker,

One way in, one way out, I have harvested this system for over 10 years, I will offer you the rent option one last time, I suggest you take it.

(Pumuckel Bygderocker) #15

Have not Heard From Benny Since

he has been docked up all the War that he started :wink: ( he even made the war go for another week)

and he lost an Citadel in one of his alli corps (who has left his alliance, maybe because he thought it could save it)

that was just the Full Storie From the Other Side

Fly safe Comradess :wink:

(Uriel the Flame) #16

This is great, keep us updated, both sides of the conflict. :popcorn:

Just a note: I’ve visited that system yesterday with my main @Marcusson_en_Chasteaux simply because it is near my home so thought as I sometimes log in to just simply mess around for a short session why not go there and check upon things.

The system was chill as of yet aside of a Jovian observatory and a flight of Autothysian Lancers at one of the belts. I will check back sometimes, hopefully I can spot the reinf time if and when the complex finally will be attacked… if ever, so I can schedule to spectate the battle if possible. So far never witnessed an actual siege so would be fun to watch. :slight_smile:

(Keno Skir) #17

You think 95% efficiency across the board, with 10k+ kills is laughable?

(Prude Fish) #18

Wait what killbaord are you talking about? they have 112 total kills… that’s it:

Not bad for one/two guy group I guess but that’s not 10k+ kills.

(Keno Skir) #19

The reply was about @Natural_CloneKiller ‘s personal killboard. With that said, if you’re looking at killboards for Vendetta Mercs you have the wrong one, tho they’ve had some issues / disbandment of late they were incredibly successful for a long time.

(Prude Fish) #20

This is the thread Natrual Clone Killer advertises in for Merc work:

So I do not have the wrong group. This is the one Natural Clone Killer says is his group that doesn’t get out of bed for less than 7 bil, and the one that was attacked in this thread as silly (rightfully so looking at that kill board and its 2 months of activity), and you defended with grand claims of amazing work.

Quite frankly I’m sure peeps are waiting to see if their new spin off should be taken seriously or not … as of yet they haven’t show anything.

As for the “old” VMG under new mgmt, likewise I’m sure peeps are waiting to see how it will operate. Should it be taken seriously or not, doesn’t really have anything to do with Natrual anymore.