Public Mercenary Channel - Mercenary Services

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This Channel is for contracting Mercenaries.

Channel Rules:

No Drama, No Fuss and No Abuse!
No advertising, all conversations must be taken to private chat.
If you are being convo’d by someone not listed you are being scammed! All scammers will be banned.

The following mercenaries are approved services.

High sec mercenary services:

Spree Mercenary Group:
Selina Kubeq. Roccia19.

Vendetta Mercenary Group:
Pheonix Jr, Garypls Fink, tainted demon, lil Pheonix

The Marmite Collective:
Tora Bushido, Murdoch Luther


Low sec mercenary services:

Who dares wins.
Thaddeus Drake, Grakar Arailion. Chad VanGaalen

Null sec mercenary services:

Wormhole Services

Purge Protocol
Torin Fellborn, Mr snowden

The following requirements to become an approved Mercenary Group are:

-Accept Contractual work
-Have a forum page
-Have NO reputation for betraying contracts (double dipping)
-Have a representative in this channel (Max of 4)

It is not acceptable to bring in war drama to this channel and operators are expected to leave any personal feeling to the side when dealing with anything regards to applications to this channel. It will be operated to the highest level of professionalism.

To place an application or to channel against an approved group, please Mail: Selina Kubeq, Roccia19, lil Pheonix, Tora Bushido


New Official Mercenary Community Channel, Re-branding as old one was stale and had inactive moderation. VMG officially endorses this product!

Updated Original Post to reflect more users.

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This channel sucks, no one replies to queries. I asked for a simple assist against some nubs and all I get is silence as if they’re afraid to leave their favorite docking ranges. Not recommended whatsoever, they just want to steal your isk.

As stated in the channel right after asking, Most people accepting contracts know you from the forums and will refuse to do any business with you whatsoever. We have a right to refuse any one that we wish. If you want to be salty that is fine, But to assume that every one else gets silence just based off of your own experience, especially after your past childish comments makes you look like a mental oyster. Good day.

Edit: you also wanted mercs to ally on “Nubs” for free. If they are nubs handle them yourself. o7


What he said. I blocked you for having a Holeysheet1 complex. So no, I wont do “business” with you.

Looking for services from some mercs looking to get in a good fight

You taught Tora how to run the jita scams yet? Looks like he adhered immediatelly to your SCAM channel :))

Don’t trust nobody in this channel. They are all scammers.

No one here scams anything, The only “Mercenaries” who were confirmed scammers were Khrom and Natural, but now they are irrelevant, just like you. NPC corp to this day, Didn’t you troll saeger about being in npc corp? At this point you are literally having a melt down and we all get the joy of seeing it.


Stop being jealous. If we would scam, we wouldnt have had so many clients for all these years. :kissing_closed_eyes:

According to zkill you are less relevant as an active player than me as an inactive one. And don’t tell me you play your titan in null :))

Tainted running the jita bots on his server for you again?

Melt down LOL. I am not the one who screams on TS or steals space pixels and acts like a hero on the forums :joy::joy::joy:

I feel like that would be me and my alliance :sweat_smile:
Poor Sod (where has he gone btw, haven’t seen the guy since that night he insta-docked in Amarr)

Also @Yaosus
It’s pixels, stop being so obsessed by stats and stuff that doesn’t matter

It’s not a mistery that you would actually lick the footsteps of anyone who gives you a like on the forums and I do not expect you take a neutral position and stick to it

One of the best arguments and a way of proving your worth in eve is the zkill stat, everyone uses it even you when it suits you.

Truth is the gang of scammers and thieves did exactly what I expected, nothing but forum trashtalk, corp thieving, running their usual jita scam schedule and no gameplay whatsoever. They stole the alliance hoping to get their hands on the big fat wallet and drove it straight into a wall. Reason : Incompetence. They do not have the power, not the brains or most importantly the stamina to lead and build.

With all their shortcommings (and we all have them) Khrom and Loeni helped by other people managed to build something that was working. It’s no secret that Loeni tells everybody what they want to hear hoping to solve a conflict, or that Khrom gets big isk shares from the contracts but you know what, Khrom is covering two time zones and he plans and executes like a boss. It is really convenient to log in and have your ships delivered 30 jumps out and ready for the op that starts in the next 10 minutes. Not to mention the fact that their model was actually generating isk for every participating member. 2-3 ops a week, 2-3 bil in your pocket. How about having a ship that costs 2.5 bil fully SRPed during ops or fully insured logis at all times?

The funny part is that the rednecks took offense that not many people were listening to their hysterical outbursts, I for one kept them muted most of the times. But the thing that ate through their hearts was that nobody actually respected them in any way. The leadership was treating them like kids, only khrom was actually backing them up and they decided to ■■■■ the only person who backed them. And how could you respect an idiot who screams at the top of his lungs that he’s better than anybody else with every occasion that he gets.

The irony of this is that Khrom himself opened the door for this to happen, 99% of the people voted against Die and his corp coming in and 99% voted against the twits and their comeback. He used his veto power to ■■■■ his own alliance up.

As for the business acumen and strategy and implementation of intricate plans, the bunch of corp thieves, after screaming for months on the forums that they are better, they only proved to be better at being corp thieves and herding isk from the jita scams they run. No pvp, no ops, no business model, no activity.

Is that what happens when you take a video game too seriously?

Let it go, move on and stuff lol

That’s a lot of salt from somebody who provided the content below and only that whilst in VMG!

Time you took the advice Dom gave above!


Walls of text. Keep on topic. The rest will be reported.

Join the channel to hire mercenaries.

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Why would you think that I am looking to be somebody in eve online? I played the game because of the group mostly, It wasn’t like I discovered what a great game eve is after 14 years of eve. I knew itwas a trash game, with an old engine, bad support and a category of shameless players that haunt the newcomers and the veterans.

Why would you dismiss the fact that Khrom and Loeni really did put together something that no other merc entity managed to do? I will tell you why, because you wanted the seat of power but have zero skills to sit in it. If in the beginning I had doubts it’s crystal clear now. The ONLY thing that you managed to achieve was to get labeled Corp Thief and scammer. Hate other people much for being succesful? hahahahahhahahah

So while you are not shooting rats with a sawed off shotgun inside the house what else do you say to yourself in order to make you feel special? Dang it bubba.

The only person labeling us anything is you lol.

Corp thief - we took over an alliance we were part of not a corp.

Scammers - according to only you I’m apparently well known for Jita scamming and use bots or something? you started mentioning this after we took VMG (once you had thought it all up) your feeble attempt to get me banned for bringing up truthful things i said about you i’m guessing.

I don’t want point out why you look stupid when you do this as i wouldn’t want to take away the 1 thing you have,
goodbye Yaosus the eve forum gypsy o/.

Back on topic
Hire anyone listed above they don’t need anyone to hold their hands to kill your enemies

I do not steal space pixels, I do not claim to be an eve superstar and I do not ■■■■ on people just because I do not like them or what they do. There’s a huge difference between an honest eve player and a scumbag eve player. You and your 3 little piggy eyed friends fall in the last category. Corp thieves, scammers, forum trolls :slight_smile:

I know you hate me for pointing this out but it’s what you did.

I bet I look terrible when I expose the retarded things you did in eve. Oh trust me I have more things to juggle around with than you would ever imagine. That’s mainly because I have a backbone and I do not steal :slight_smile: A thing that you might try to learn and experience sometimes. It’s simply called being human, not to mention a mature one.

Pal, it is exactly what you’re doing non-stop on the forums, in-between bans. Pot, kettle, black.

ISD, feel free to delete my off topic post.