Vendetta Mercenary Group New Management!

Vendetta Mercenary Group is dedicated to the few vs the many. We are not afraid to war against opposing Mercenary Alliances,

Things we offer:
Tear Collection
Alliance infiltration
Content Denial
Focused Aggression

Things we do not offer:
Hub camping
Structure removal
Rattlesnake fleets

Please feel free to convo the following in game for quotes on contract pricing: Tainted Demon, Cardinal Jr, lil Pheonix, Garypls Fink

Alternatively feel free to join the chat: VMG Hub
All prices are negotiable. For Diplo convo the above list.

This is VMG’s new thread since ownership has transfered to us.


As per @CCP_Falcon I have now… again made a new thread since VMG has changed ownership. Hopefully this one doesn’t get mistaken for the old forum and closed a fourth time…


This thread will remain open, any others will be closed.

I’m tired of the crap between your two groups spilling over to the forums.

Keep it civil and above the belt in this thread, or people will get banned.

This is the only warning I’ll give.


Thanks for the swift reply m8, now that the war is finished we don’t intend to slag fest with ex VMG, Thanks again o7

Thank you CCP Falcon, We will rise above the slag fest, In the future I will just flag the posts that I feel are below the belt and leave it in your capable hands. As far as our promotional pictures they are pictures for VMG so we will continue to use them as they are banners that I consider VMG assets that came along with the Alliance. Since none of these banners are implying that is VMG not old or new.

Thank you again for the swift reply.

I’ve taken a final moderation pass on this thread.

I want to remind you all:

This thread is for the discussion of mercenary contracting. It’s not for discussion of a coup, it’s not for discussion of who made what images.

Off topic posts will be removed, and as per my previous post, any rulebreaking will result in people being slapped around as per the forum rules.

If you guys have issues with eachother, keep it in game.



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The mercenary services offered here are a scam.



Having publicly laid into this Alliance in the recent past i feel it necessary to publicly recant my previous views.

My statements regarding our respect , the word or hypocrisy of this Alliance are no longer withstanding.

Commonwealth Mercenaries specifically were responsible for those views
and they are no longer involved with the alliance.

Good luck lads.


Alliance Executive Director of the Nullsec Alliance EBOLA:

Holy ■■■■, hire those guys. Best HS-Mercs i know. Would recommend!


If you don’t have anything on-topic to say please create your very own troll post to comment on. Please keep this one more or less clutter free.


Just wondering but can you guys give examples of successful contracting?:smiley: What makes you the best high sec has to offer?

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All of the clutter above please move to your own forum thread.

Hypothetical question: IF they are scammers, can I hire them as mercenaries to scam people and/or corps of my choice? :smirk:


Contact us in-game and we can work up a contract.

Eventually they will scam you too :slight_smile:

I know, hence just a hypothetical question. :wink:

sounds like business as usual for VMG then

At this point Yaosus you are desperately trying to discredit my group simply because we are better than yours at every turn. Your salt and wild accusations that are 100% false are a sad attempt to get back at us in any fashion available to you. Well I have news sir. You are doing nothing here but cluttering our forums and proving to all current and future clients that we are the best salt farmers in the business.

VMG before hand was supposedly the best mercenary Alliance in highsec, We have reduced the membership to ash, extracted maximum salt and taken back an alliance all of us founded in 2013.

Thank you for being a good example of our services rendered Yaosus, You are free to make your own Q.Q thread at any point please keep your personal beef off of this thread, thank you.


You only managed to upgrade from isk doubling services and trade scams in Jita to a more lucrative scam. Scamming using a stolen alliance with stolen advertising materials.

Its nice to see you got caught offguard and can’t produce a reply about the Jita scams. I am going to reveal step by step your scammer background. You, your brother, Tainted and Gary.

You thought only a handful of people knew about you being a Jita scammer, haven’t you?