[MERC} Spree Mercenary Group [SMG}

Spree Mercenary Group

A new Merc alliance that has stemmed for a fresh outlook on Mercing and old ideals. Now stabilising its feet in high sec as a solid and professional merc group. We operate strictly to do the job we are hired for. We will not take a job we can’t deliver on.

The services we offer are:

  • Aggressive wardec’s - Hunt the enemy, through Hi-sec

  • Logistics interruption - Cut off the lines of logistics, regularly using locates to find and destroy logistic pilots.

  • Additional support - Offering logi, or extra guns in your Hi-sec wars

  • Structure bash support - _Need extra dps or want a structure removed, we can do that.

If these or any additional services you might need please mail:

Selina Kubeq


Interesting in Joining?

All we ask is you follow the expectations below and have a personality that fits with the rest of the corp. We do have some narly/dark convo’s that some may not handle well…

Expectations for members:

  • Engage war targets at your discretion or fleet up for extra support.
  • Participate in all contracts and find wardec targets, ensuring to inform people of intel.
  • Most of all be polite in local as you blow up their loved stuff.
  • Honor surrender and ransoms( the 24 hour period after surrender considered active).

Or See our recruitment post: [Merc] Spree - Mercs and savages


Midget Gems
Selina Kubeq

Zkillboard : https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99008078/



Updated OP

Friendly bump !

Thank you, Busy and growing.

Thread update comming.

Update and busy at work.

Have fun and kill them all… :smirk:

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That’s what it’s all about, fun.

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SpreeMG are a good group of guys, always up for having fun, can always use more groups like this in HS.


Tainted . I was told you and the twins were just using spree for the war content and dont really care for the other idiots?

I invited them in with some level of this arrangement. Like all merc groups, many people join for the content. In exchange, they offer their services against there enemies and in contracts.

Gnomes have been a large help in both advice, knowledge and general banter that 99% of other mercs.

We wanted to expand our abilites at hunting, something we allready do and do well. If i need advice about trade hub denial or large scale rattle gangs i would ofc learn from VMG. Each has their own skill set and specialisations.

If you have any questions your more than welcome to mail me.


The only thing I can say is that at least your alliance has more than 3 online at a time, unlike some other alliances I know.

Good bunch of guys who are willing to learn and improve. +1 in my book.

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Is that salt I can taste?


Just heard some intel that suggested you dont care for spree at all.

You are litterally trying to play the same game we are, stick to jita rat because you suck at this

Recordings or GTFO. and as selina said we mostly do our own thing within spree similar to khroms offer, only here we dont have to worry about our CEO talking a load of ■■■■ behind our backs.

Maybe you should call pirat to smack the forums for you too… just saying


Well that and we figured khroms offer of “you don’t have to speak to loeni” was bogus also. At least here we don’t have the HR department crawling up our asses just because some mongo got his feelings hurt like in VMG all the time , kind of like khroms said “toughen the fuckk up”

Friendly bump for a great up and coming group, They’ll do anything you ask em to, and if they’re unable to complete a challenge they won’t accept the contract, Unlike some questionable mercenaries around here who scam fortizar clients, these doods are trustworthy. Praise be unto Gary and my Gary bless them to prosper

. \o/
. .I

You are more than welcome to reveal any recordings, documents or other means of communicating this intel in a public manner.

Spree leadership and it’s members are openly critical and trusting of each other to ensure that any weak areas are worked on and any advice is understood.

We work to ensure a continued growth of our skill levels, content and our hunting play style are always improving.

If you have any concerns about internal relations within spree you are also more than welcome to mail me any questions you have.

I hope this will resolve your concerns and we can revert this thread back to its intended purpose of displaying our honorable mercenary services.


It wont be long before you realise they are cancer.

I know this already, just like cancer they grow on you :stuck_out_tongue: