[MERC} Spree Mercenary Group [SMG}


(Saeger1737) #21

Pot meet kettle

(Pheonix Jr) #22

Unlike the rest of you snowflakes in VMG, Selina and his guys can take a little friendly razzing, In your world the word “moron” is enough to start of an anxiety fueled frenzy of safe spaces and hyperventilating, along with several people dropping down in TS like children to talk about how people shouldn’t say mean things. The same situation here is shrugged off as people look past little league insults at the information being conveyed to learn and improve. And they give it as good as they get it from my experience with them.

I think the key difference in philosophy is that while you coddle your members and tell them they’re spectacular when they’re whining, Selina will literally tell them to “put your fuckin big boy pants on and stop whining” (brought a tear to my eye I was so proud) So keep ■■■■ stirring, I think you have some diapers to change on your comms tho.

(Sol epoch) #23

I believe you all have to change your diapers! (Called Nappies in the UK) on this thread and the VMG thread. But nappies does more explicitely as a word say what you all sound like!

(MythBlood) #24

So you are happily admitting (even bragging) about how you are Toxic, but your claim your so bad ass that everyone should just put up with it?

Oni once tried to tell me you guys were different on comms, and not the personality you portrayed in local. It seems he was wrong.

Do you really scream “moron” at people that make mistakes in coms? What did you do to the guy in FF who accidentally talked on the wrong com channel tipping me off to your trap? Cuss i haven’t seen him log in again. Maybe he was a noob, maybe he did cost you a kill, but he did create content and took other noobs out to do fun things. I guess not anymore… so good job?

I guess I’m just a “snow flake” in your book so you can ignore me or talk about how I’m bad a the game or something to dismiss me, but I do wonder if you’ve ever had a moment of self reflection where you thought maybe there was a better way?

(Pheonix Jr) #25

calm down slowflake. We don’t scream moron at every single little mistake, It was an example at how fragile feelings are inside of VMG, But I see you’re probably just as fragile… And a little friendly razzing isn’t toxic. Unless you just get your feelings hurt by almost anything… Have you never jokingly called your mate a moron? like “woah lmao you’re so retarded sometimes” , Really you should just grow up a little. Get a thicker hide and maybe you could go anywhere but marmite

(Sol epoch) #26

It seems you are the one being emotional here and no snow is falling! Funny that?

(Saeger1737) #27

Back to the old dealings again Sol? This isn’t 2015 anymore you can come down off your soapbox and let the others Duke it out for once

(Yaosus) #28

What you need to understand about this particular group is that they are all pure rednecks (not saying it in a derogatory way). They live, eat, work in the middle of the cornfield. For this reasons there are some rules that you must learn before interacting with them :

1. What differentiates rednecks from whites is the perception of rednecks as racist, hot-headed, too physical, violent, uncouth, loud, mean, undereducated—and proud of it.

2. Rednecks like to fight to solve their problems, preferring to beat someone at a street dance than to talk about the problem and solve it diplomatically.

3. Rednecks hunt proudly, take baths only occasionally, and work on old cars in their front yard.

4. Rednecks are characterized by excess; they eat too much, drink too much, smoke too much, play too hard, and live too hard.

The rules apply to their whole eve family : The Benis bros, Tommy Lee Tainted (this one’s a British redneck), Gary Tiberius Tucker and their dog Dixie Lukka. :joy:

[MERC] Vendetta Mercenary Group
(Sol epoch) #29

Good point and well made! but it is fun!

(Sol epoch) #30

Thank you for the Education lesson it is appreciated, I now have a better understanding of the redneck and how it interacts with it’s environment.

(tainted demon) #31

If Dixie… i mean lukka is our dog, that would make you the equivalent of kickah’s toilet paper (that wont flush away even when told to do so by your own leadership). At least our dog has in game bite to back up his bark. and doesn’t boast about owning 60bil isk vargurs (with 0 kills with that ship lol)
How is your extended break going?
Do you still think it’s racist to call an area/place a ■■■■ hole?
Still asking VMG members to take control of your accounts?

Hire SpreeMG merc’s you can trust.

(Yaosus) #32

I must have struck a cord there. Thank you for coming out of the cornfield to have a chit-chat with me :joy:

My break from eve is going well. Life is good, I just finished closing a 220k deal while trolling you.

Dang it Bubba! you are running out of inside information you can use. How does it feel to be a worthless eve skunk? Correction : I am not that person. It was Hesh.

I never did. Actually the joke came from you on TS. Speaks volumes about the quality of your character.

A drunk Khrom who wakes up the next day and apologizes for being an asshole I can forgive. A snitch like you is simply disgusting.

P.S : I am afraid to undock it because of you. I know you turn your locator agents red looking for me. Sharing that info would make a loot piñata, but back when I was not afraid of you, I had lots of kills in my 35 bil Vindi. Pity you famous hunters are scared shitless to fly bling.

[MERC] Vendetta Mercenary Group
(Lukka Hawke) #33

You think calling me a dog offends me? The dog is the most loyal creature there is, Even if their master beats them, So in a way Yaosus arent you a dog as well?

(Saeger1737) #34

Pity your to scared to fly at all… Only the reclaimers are the green ones on your killboard and you recruited them from marmite… Speaks volumes about your desperation.

(Saeger1737) #35

But sometimes you’ve gotta smash an idoit so continue lol

(Pheonix Jr) #36

I was going to come back with some sort of witty reply, but I guess I’ll just go ahead and say “Come back and talk shitt when you’re winning the war report” Which you are not right now,

When your entire coalition can beat my 7 guys i’ll take almost anything you have to say seriously, Yaosus

lil pheonix: Yaousus is so bad
Khromius: Who is that?


(Yaosus) #37

You’d actually have to go back to school in order to produce a witty reply. There are no witty replies hidden in the cornfields. Your parents lied to you.

(Pheonix Jr) #38

Hilariously I’m actually back in school for EMT certification, so I guess the jokes on you :stuck_out_tongue: You should log into EVE more, I hear VMG needs the activity

(Yaosus) #39

Hahahahah Bubba, to pluck the corn you do not need an EMT certification. I told you you got trolled by your tutors. :joy: :joy: :joy:

(Pheonix Jr) #40

m8 do you even know what an EMT is? It absolutely is a course driven career, You can’t just simply walk up to an ambulance and go “give job pls sir”