[MERC] Spree - Infamy Inc

Infamy Inc is a mainly small Euro corp, with a few other timezones thrown in.

We are currently part of Spree merc group, which means we are involved mainly in High Sec, our activities include.

  • Hunting War Targets
  • Structure Bashes (including POCOS)
  • Structure Defence

We are looking for more players to enhance our current members

If your new, then we can teach the mechanics and pvp of High Sec

If your an experienced pilot, then you will be joining a group that’s got loads, but always open to ideas.

Interesting in Joining?

All we ask is you follow the expectations below and have a personality that fits with the rest of the corp. We do have some narly/dark convo’s that some may not handle well…

Expectations for members:

Engage war targets at your discretion or fleet up for extra support.
Participate in all contracts and find wardec targets, ensuring to inform people of intel.
Most of all be polite in local as you blow up their loved stuff.
Honor surrender and ransoms( the 24 hour period after surrender considered active).

If you fancy a chat

Contact Gud or Amun Ra1
Join our public channel “Infamy Inc”

Thanks for reading

Still looking, some Nice kills yesterday

Still looking for a few good pilots

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Also loads of hate mail and salty tears

Few more in, come harvest tears

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Sorry been busy killing, still looking

Still looking,

If your a newer player hit us up, we can teach you more than the basics

Still open to PvP pilots

Been hectic in RL, recruitment drive on again

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Winter is coming, come join us for they lonely dark nights