Infamy Inc - EU Sov Holding Corp (Newer Players Welcome)

Infamy Inc is a small knit tight mainly EU corp, part of KAOS Unlimited

We are looking for like minded people who enjoy the following

  • PvP - we love small organized roams and HD fleets
  • PvE - come make isk
  • Indy - build ships and make a profit
  • PI - Make passive ISK

What we Offer

  • PvP - Small roams from Corp and Alliance levels, larger scale Collition Fleets
  • PvE - Space to make isk, if thats what u like doing
  • Indy - Systems to mine Mins and Ice
  • PI - nice planets to put they Command Centres down

We are a laid back group, who like logging in and having fun, weather being on comms or do active roams, we prefer frig/cruisers style gangs.

If you fancy a chat hit us up in game at “Infamy Inc” or join our discord

Still recruiting

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