Tight Euro corp Expanding


(Gud) #1

Infamy Inc is a growing mainly Euro corp looking to expand
Part of Brother in Arms Alliance (part of The Imperium)

What we offer

  • Null Sec
  • SRP Programme
  • Ships for newer players
  • PvP, all kinds from small to large scale, including Cap Warfare
  • Mining, Nice space to mine and build ■■■■
  • PVE, if u prefer to rat, good ratting space

We are a Socail corp and like to be on comms to shoot the ■■■■ and have a laugh, very expereinced leadership, that will help newer players in most aspects of the game.

What we want

  • Looking for active players that will fit into corp, be on comms and take part in whatever, we undertand that RL comes first and that you may not make it to everything, thats OK.

We have a laid back approach to the game, and like to have a laugh.

If you want to know more join “Infamy Inc” in game or hit me a mail or convo
or join our discord

Thanks for reading

(Gud) #2

New Day, Still looking

(Gud) #3

Bump for a Sat night

(Gud) #4

Few new guys in at the weekend, still looking for more

(Gud) #5

Still Recruting, New players get free ships, so come and join

(Gud) #6

Few more players in today

Still recruiting

Still have a supply of free ships

(Maximillian Logos) #7

have a look, lemme know

(Gud) #8

@Maximillian_Logos i sent u a mail in game

Have had a few more join

(Gud) #9

Good Weekend

Still Looking

(Gud) #10

Still Looking

Come Join the fun

(Gud) #11

Its Sunday

Come by and say hello.

Some nice kills over the weekend.

(system) #12

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