Infamy Inc (-SAS-) Old Corp, New Concept (New Bro Friendly)

Infamy Inc is a small Euro Corp, we are part of , Who Dares Wins. a reputable low sec, merc alliance.

We have in the past taken great pleasure of being a small close knit PvP, but we are changing that concept, we want to take NEW BRO’s, inexperienced PvP players, Carebears with Teeth, and train them up, to fly in Micro/small gangs.

Now running PvP classes, for newer players

If you fancy a change of pace, in a RL comes first corp/alliance.

More info in corp description

Come speak to us

Public Channel Infamy inc

Still looking

Numbers increasing, still on the lookout

Still Looking

Now Ship Progression plan in place, Mining/Ratting/PvP

Still looking

Few more in

Still recruiting

Still recruiting

Still looking for a few more pilots

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