[MERC] Asymetric Warfare Group

We are a new High-Sec and Low-Sec Mercenary Alliance seeking to start satisfying our customers!

Since we are fairly new, we are offering a discount on our first 5 Mercenary Contracts to develop a satisfied customer base.


  • Structure Deletion
  • Operations Disruption

More services will become available in the future

If you are interested in contracting us for a job, please join the in-game channel ASMY-PUB to speak with a contractor.


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Get your discounted merc service today!

You guys do cap support? Interested to know more :slight_smile:

Send me a mail with what you need; will be happy to assist you if we can :slight_smile:

Has any of your one members ever got a pvp kill ?


Sorry we are not a high sec trade station gank group. Remember, recruitment is selective and an extremely thorough process internally. We will not accept players that do not have real PVP experience.

That wasnt the question. The question was, have you as only member ever got a pvp kill? I see 0.

Plenty, across my 2 main toons I have approx. 700B killed in the past years alone. A lot of this are capital kills, structures, and WH “Honor Brawls”. And to add to this I have lost approx. 100B this year in ship losses (One being a Super)

So yes, I have plenty of experience and training.

As I have said previously, recruitment for my alliance is VERY strict. If you have a Vouch from someone I have dealt with in the past it may be easier for you to join. But I am not here looking for any random person who wants to join. I have all the time in the world to focus on this.

I must be looking at wrong chars, as Zkillboard says you have 0 kills :

And the corp you advertise has 0 too.

How do I know as client that you arent scammers?


Because he has recruitment standards so high hes the only one qualified to join.


That’s for the client to decide, if someone doesn’t feel safe using my services then so be it. There are a few other mercs that they can contact. I’m offering discounted merc services to build a reputation for my alliance. I’m not asking for 5B a day or anything crazy like that; which other mercs charge.

It’s always the established merc groups that hang around other peoples threads trying to kill off new Mercs so that they can reap the benefits of a small Merc community, I see it all the time.

And no, the “standards” are not high by any means. I’m not asking for dedicated super pilots. I’m asking for pilots who can be counted on.

And also, this isn’t recruitment; so please keep your comments on topic.

Not recruitment? Damn 0 kills 5 losses says you need it now!

Oh by the way recruit me and send your best offer by mail.


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Ok, well I tried the diplomatic version, let’s be more direct. You’re the only member, your killboard sucks (as you have 0 kills) and you offer a service you cant deliver. That makes you bad for real mercenaries. So stop blaming others and start looking at yourself.

Short version : Your service is terrible!

There’s nothing diplomatic about it. This is a holding corp toon. Any “real” mercenary would be able to figure that out. I do offer services that I CAN deliver. I do not offer services that I can NOT deliver.

Short version: You’re dumb, git gud

Looking for more customers! Our first customers request was fulfilled :slight_smile: Structure Kill

The first 3 Service Discounts have been used; ONLY 2 Discounts are left!

Join the In-Game Channel ASMY-PUB to request our services or pricing packages!

Lol. 0 kills.

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15 days since my last post and no email for recruitment from them! I suppose Goons don’t recruit outside the Imperiumtious! Disapointed!!!

Contact me in game please?

It’s great to see a small merc group trying to make a go of it, even tho you have no kills. My hat comes off for you sir…

Hi, i am looking for help, to destroy an azbel in highsec, its an one man corp 4 jumps from jita:
how much?