[MERC] Who Dares Wins

(Grakar Arailion) #1

Currently accepting contracts for the following:

Structure Removal/ Defense
War Decs
Regional Assault Deployment
Skyteam consultation (doctrines/strategy)
Mediation and Negotiations

Currently the only approved Low Sec alliance in Mercenary Services as Trusted. Don’t get scammed when it comes to your game play and your ISK, Contact us today!

Thaddeus Drake
Grakar Arailion
Chad VanGaalen

(Grakar Arailion) #2

Accepting contracts

(Saeger1737) #3

Killboard links are usually in the first post, just friendly insight.

(Dymorian Deile) #4

Had a look at their video earlier. These guys look like a well organised professional group that get some good kills. I would have been knocking at their door to join a few weeks ago if I’d come across their advert before I decided to restart my old corp.

Definitely worth a look.

(Grakar Arailion) #5

Accepting contracts

(Grakar Arailion) #6

Need assistance? contact us today!

(Grakar Arailion) #7

Need assistance! Hit us up!

(Grakar Arailion) #8

Need assistance? contact us today!

(Grakar Arailion) #9

Need help? contact us for assistance.

(Grakar Arailion) #10

Need help, Contact us today and we can present you options.

(Grakar Arailion) #11

Got a problem? Call us for help!

(Grakar Arailion) #12

Need some assistance? We can help!