[SPORK] No Forks Given. Merc Services for Hire

We are No Forks Given. A low-sec alliance down in Genesis and Kador. We have recently opened our alliance to accept mercenary contracts in low-sec, high-sec, and null-sec. We are open to assist in Wormhole Evictions. We accept contracts in both EU/USTZ focused projects.

We are focused on accepting the following types of contracts:
✪ War Declarations
✪ War Assist
✪ Assistance in J-Space Evictions
✪ Citadel Attack and Defense Timers
✪ Protection Services
✪ Ganks

All of our services are negotiable per terms of the contract. We look forward to working with you and helping you accomplish your goals.

All contracts are signed by all parties and are reviewed by our legal counselor per terms of the NFG constitution.

Interested parties can reach out to: Firehawk#0960 or Youngpuke2#6008
Otherwise our discord is here: NFG Consultation Services

Recent Successful Contracts:

우리는 No Forks Given으로 제네시스 지역과 카도르 지역을 지배하는 로우섹 얼라이언스입니다. 우리는 로우섹, 하이섹, 널섹 용병계약을 받기 위해 얼라이언스를 결성했습니다. 우리는 웜홀 강제퇴거 계약도 받습니다. 우리는 US/EU 시간대에 주로 활동합니다, 그래서 우리는 이 시간대에 맞는 계약만을 받습니다.

우리는 다음 종류의 계약을 받습니다.
✪ 전쟁 선포
✪ 전쟁 지원
✪ 웜홀 강제퇴거 지원
✪ 시타델 공격 및 방어
✪ 보호 서비스
✪ 갱킹(퍽치기)

우리의 모든 서비스는 계약 조건에 따라 협상할 수 있습니다. 우리는 당신과 협력하여 당신의 목표 달성을 돕기를 기대합니다.

모든 계약은 모든 당사자가 서명하고 NFG 헌법 47조에 따라 법률 상담사가 검토합니다.

문의사항이 있으면 Firehawk#0960와 Youngpuke2#6008에게 연락을 하십시오.
혹은 우리의 디스코드에 문의하시기 바랍니다.: (Discord link)

성공적으로 수행한 계약들:

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Dirty Deeds done dirt cheap !

Nice kill too … but shame all the bottom feeding vultures stuck their noses in there.
The joys of FUBAR “Hi Sec” (which is pretty much an oxymoron these days)

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When it comes to structures in highest, expect all of them to be seeded and the same small groups of looters always arriving.

We just ignore it now since that is all they do, they have it down to a fine art. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for having us…

A BR based on our recent contract.

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to the top

Currently have a contract now. Interested parties should reach out to see if we can accommodate you.

I can recommend this Ally, quick response to the request good contact and good handling. A serious business.

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Thank you for your review! Glad to do business with you.

Welcome No Forks!


great bunch of mates! nice to see yall doing merc work!

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Thank you! We are taking contracts currently.

Will the payment for dock workers, tdsin and dng calls be done thru you directly or is it necessary to pay them separately?
Thanks in advance.


How’s your amarr standings?

Pretty good!

Their legions will blot out the stars.

Worth every penny +1

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to the top

Contract completed.

Another one


Well, you are not interested, this does not take away what is written in the previous message, “Post hidden by you”.
But, you should be more careful about who you enlist and not consider this account.