Noir. [Est. 2008]

Full time mercenary alliance specializing in small gang warfare. For over a decade we haven’t set the bar: we are the bar. For better or worse, we are the best fighting force you can afford.

Contact Alekseyev Karrde for contracts

Our Discord
US: Alekseyev Karrde, Ackbad Pappotte, Helo Dhals
EU: Laeveteinn, ikeo58, Robert Mason

Completed Contract Count: 358


  • System/Regional Assault and Asset Denial (0.0 encouraged!)
  • Force Multiplication
  • Surveillance/Recon
  • Structure Destruction/Protection
  • PVP Training - Enhance your pilots’ abilities!
  • Custom missions welcome; we take requests.

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Welcome back, EVE really needs professional mercenaries, as all was left was some risk adverse carebears focused on killboard stats, active almost exclusively in high sec.

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The laugh though, The damn laugh.

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Welcome back Noir.

the Chaos needs you…

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Been a long time since I’ve heard your guys’ names.

I remember our fight in the Pulsar WH using the 3 RR Tengus in 2010. It’s a shame I can’t find any of the old blog posts about it; your guys really enjoyed that one (rip that orca that got fleet warped afk).

I remember spotting your guys’ scout alt coming into a later WH of ours and the convo I had with you before your eviction fleet made it in. Had a feeling the locals hired you once I started cross referencing kill reports. As much as it would have been fun to some in the corp at the time to “go down swinging,” I knew from my experience with you since that first incident, and in the chats we had following that if you accepted such a contract to remove us, you’d damn well bring enough people to get it done. In the end, you accomplished what you were hired to do. Contract complete.

Good to see things are getting back up and running; always did feel your crew was one of the more honorable ones out there in New Eden.


There’s nothing like an old classic to bring new life to New Eden. Check out this old interview with Alek from 2013, its a good listen.


Force multiplication with 9 people

I’ll definitely be trying to join I’ve heard amazing things about you guys, hope to join and grow with you


I agree, 9 is too many. Anything more than Alek in a breacher is overkill but he likes the company.

Actually Zanz, we’re back up to 16 now, so this is getting a bit blobby… not cool, definitely not fair. Our force multiplication may lead to division, despite our subtraction of targeted forces. This is a consequence of the addition of our old members. Recruitment will square the effect and I think that’s the root of the problem. Maths. This is EVE, so I think I’ll make a spreadsheet.


We are? Well brb I better drop roles. I can’t be in a corp that has the audacity to have 16 members.

Glad to have you Bjorn, welcome to the family

CCP can go ahead and delete all the other threads in this section. Noir. is the only mercs that live.


Now with sexy killboard embed, like all the cool kids are doing these days.

Really happy to have joined, great to see an old mercenary Corp coming back to the game.

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I would like to endorse Declarations of War podcast.

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Apparently I cant edit our OP anymore?

Anyway completed contract count is 275

Another one in the books :slight_smile:

First class of the new Noir. Academy is about to graduate. Super proud of these guys!

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