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Noir. is the oldest mercenary corporation in New Eden. We have a long and famed history of operating across all kinds of space, executing contracts efficiently and professionally.

Who we are.

Noir. members are calm, calculated, and respectful. We take pride in ourselves for our individual and combined skills, but are always humble enough to take a moment for someone with a drive to improve themselves. We operate as a tight-knit community - you’ll never get lost in the crowd.

What we do. ​

If there’s a means to complete a task, we get it done. Our success is proven and unparalleled.

Tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Complete area denial

  • ADM disruption

  • Structure removal

  • War Decs

  • Cloaked camping and intel gathering

  • Logistical support in all forms

You’ll never get bored with our work. Contracts are plentiful with good stories and individual participation payout guaranteed.

How we live.

Our contracts bring us to all corners of space. From trade hub to dead-end system in the armpit of Aridia, we’ve been there. Our home is in Providence, but who wants to be at home when they can be out making money and spreading the holiday cheer? Have an itch for large-scale content? We’re partnered with Rekking Crew, the coalition currently holding Providence, for bigger fleets.

We’re hiring.

Competent in solo and small-gang PvP?

Apply to join the main Noir. groupand start completing contracts today.

Got some work to do still but are interested?

Apply to join the Academy. A wealth of knowledge and focused mentorship will be provided to bring you up to speed. There is no corner-cutting here. Get your SISI account up to speed and let’s start learning new things!

You know you want to.


in-game channel: Cafe NOIR.

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The corp so nice I CEO’d it twice

Looking for more super cool dudes and riot grrls to kick ass with me in US TZ

I’m just a simple man, trying to make my way through the galaxy.

Swiggity swooty, tryin’ to recruit that booty

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You know what time it is!!!

Things have been a bit too quite here recently. Let’s fix that.

This is what happens when you don’t have friends to help save you.

There is fun to be had everywhere you look.

The fun doesn’t stop!

Do you have discord? do you like to shoot things… in eve? where everyone is a target for the right price.

Then search “Cafe Noir.” in game and get in introduced to some of the coolest killers.

Clippity clop, the fun don’t stop!

Loss is an essential part of EVE. It’s a hard game. At Noir., we find a way to win no matter the challenge or set backs. It’s an awesome environment and you deserve a corp that doesn’t give up.

It’s always fun taking a player out for their first roam.

Another successful contract in the books!

Apparently Delve has good opportunities for small gang right now, who knew?

It’s fun making new friends at community events.

On a brief break. One of the best times to join so you can get settled in before we go on our next campaign!

Join now. Make eu tz great again.

We are still the cool guys on the block! Join us while you can :slight_smile: