[US/EU] Travel the stars and kill interesting people with Noir.!

Who we are:

Noir. is the oldest mercenary corp in EVE. We have a long and famed history of operating across all kinds of space, becoming the heroes and/or villains in over 300 EVE stories big and small. Noir. members are calm, calculated, and respectful. We execute fights with ruthless efficiency and unshakeable professionalism.

Outside of combat we’re a pretty chill bunch who love a new meme and some international banter. All in all, we are a tight knit community of people who take pride in our play and always look for ways to help each other out - you’ll never get lost in the crowd with us.

So come on, discover the best reason to log in!

Join our Discord or in-game channel: Cafe NOIR.
Talk with our team and join us for a fleet to see if the merc life is right for you :cowboy_hat_face:

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Love this group. Come see how we do Eve

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Things have been quiet as we take a break from contracts, but we’re still keeping busy.

Will return to contracts soon so get a jump start by applying today!

Join Noir. today. We have our own module.

We’re looking to recruit people in the TZ as well, whatever it is. Seriously, is this late US? Early AU? Hawaiian? (Also, we got to neut at titian today, that was neat.)

I have a nice little BR to link today, which means I can stave of starting a blog for one more day. Also, don’t burn directly away from a BNI.

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More and more Noir. members are uploading fight highlights to YouTube. Check out a playlist here and see what you’re missing!

And people claim that no one mines in Low Sec.

I’m tired, so no KM today.

Even a losing battle can look good on your KB.

One of our new Academy members has been having the time of his life slaying fighters like a champ in his first medium sized fleet experience.

Not the best ISK ratio, but a very fun fight none the less.

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It’s not always about the bling.

People probably shouldn’t bait a nano-gang in a rorqu if there is a large wormholer fleet only 6j away.

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I made chicken Teriyaki today and it was awesome. How is that for a bump? :smiley:

Joined the Academy recently.

It’s an awsome place to get to know PvP with experienced players, learning and having fun in a mature environment ! :slight_smile:

The mercenary life may not be for everyone, but if you like the idea of frequently having content, and pushing PvP to the next level, consider Noir !

The recent event has been good fun for some of us.

Apparently we can get payed even if we’re not on contract.

Whelp, I got nothing tonight, so enjoy a random heron kill.