[Noir.] A different kind of small gang PVP

Who we are:

Noir. is the oldest mercenary corp in EVE and over the years we have built an international family-like community of talented PVPers. Through our contracts we’ve been the heroes and/or villains in over 300 EVE stories big and small, from paralyzing key jump bridges in Beeitnam to saving people from WH evictions. We think EVE is better with friends and better when you fight with a little pride on the line :wink:

What makes Noir. different?

  • Objective-based gameplay: Regular contracts and campaign deployments give each fight meaning, clear goals to work toward, new people to shoot and interesting problems to solve
  • High-skill, welcoming fleets: We love small gang PVP and the higher end the better. But we will never turn someone away because they can’t fly a certain ship or make people feel excluded with arbitrary limits on fleet sizes. We find a way for everyone to contribute and have fun…
  • Grow your wallet through PVP: On top of SRP, you can earn significant payouts on contracts by killing a lot or distinguishing yourself in key fleet roles.
  • Flat structure where your skills can shine: Every member can ping for fleets and as a result we have a deep bench of experienced FCs. Video creators are competitively rewarded for their time. And in general your skills will be acknowledged and initiative empowered without a lot of red tape or toe-stepping to hold you back.
  • Strong, stable leadership: An active-in-space CEO with a long history of success supported by dedicated and approachable directors in multiple time zones.
  • Roaming content: Off contract we live in Thera which gives us easy access to the whole of New Eden, letting us roam where we want when we want.

Discover the best reason to log in!

Join our Discord or in-game channel: Cafe NOIR.

Talk with our team and join us for a fleet to see if the merc life is right for you :cowboy_hat_face:

What’s a merc contract like? Take a listen behind the scenes:


New ad same corp

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I have nothing but great things to say about Noir.

From a PVP standpoint I feel like we’re doing it all. From very small gang nano roams to living out in deep null in blops with HOBO orcas, from dunking on caracals to getting dropped on by supers and titans. I’ve been in bombing runs, gate camps, 2000-man fights and 4 man brawls that still get my adrenaline pumping.

Planning and theorycrafting for ops and contracts is at it’s very own level and more often than not those lead to punching far above our weight class in contracts. We have theorycrafters pulling pyfa-wizardry out of their hat to customize our doctrines to any contract needs and we have network of players that manages to seed those modifications to our target systems, sometimes within hours.

Besides all that Noir. is a very close group of players who enjoy playing the game together and who support each other. Be it in real life, or ingame matters.

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I’ve learned so much here! Tons of different types of flying. Super fun group. Join up!

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Solid Group, remember 10+ years ago fighting with these guys when we used to run Pure Evil Warriors. You can’t go wrong joining Noir.

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A nice round one win in the AG Today

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A nice last minute fight right before our match

Navy cruisers have gotten cheap haven’t they

He almost got it, the absolute mad lad.

Busy night tonight

A nice little brawl in some off meta ships

More nano gang fun

And thus ends this year’s AG run. Could have been worse given we were building a team almost from scratch for the 3rd tournament in a row.

Our NPSI fleets are starting to look like a EVE-Uni partnership. Join today and help us diversify.

I don’t remember why we were here, but it was fun

One less marauder to menace our fair lands

This BR makes me incredibly happy/

I suspect we’ll be killing a lot of these over the coming contract

The best fits are those made from local rat loot

No KM today