[Noir.] A different kind of small gang PVP

I guess some people still don’t know you can put a nuli on these

Very Satisfying

A nice F-you from the loot fairy

Wait, I thought Goons were leaving Delve for the war.

Poor guy, he decloaked my dictor warping to a WH then died before making it to jump range

Still recruiting?

We are, hit us up on our discord if you’re interested. The Network

Nora’a going to solo our entire contract at this rate

Master a single ship and you can get kills like this. Apparently ir was a real fight too, the cerb wasn’t just afk.

Gota pump those contract numbers up

Yah love to see kills like this

So many things went wrong for this guy to let us catch him so easily

Big patch today, but at least it represents some free SP

These guys seem to like they’re blingy gilas

Nothing glamorous, but still satisfying.

It’s not every day you die because someone got a fleet invite that shouldn’t. It was still worth it though

To the top!

Sometimes you need to stop and enjoy the simple things.

All those DEDs just for the sake of a single loss mail

And thus ends our contract in Immensea