[Noir.] A different kind of small gang PVP

MJD madness leads to goons awoxing their own minow

A bit boring given the defenders never showed, but easy contracts can still be satisfying.

I never though I’d see the day.

Looks like we’re becoming campers now

Frat tried to anchor a Fortizar, but BRAVE stop them. We third-partied

We just had a very cool first time ever IRL meetup for our UK folks. Unforgettable day!

Maybe bait, but still worth the fight.

Just your every day JF kill.

Hope you’re enjoying the AG after show

When the rats are scarier then the NS locals

Just reviewing old AT footage, and it’s rough to see a friend do Bob’s work in logi only for all his work to get thrown away.

What’s fun about bumping this thread is that it doesn’t always need to be EVE content

Nice little skirmish helping friends of Brave fight friends of Frat.

Small alliances can do big things!

I don’t know what this was or why we were here, but it looks like it was good fun

Recruitment remains open for a little while. AT here we come!

Aren’t last minute logistics just the best?

You know you’re good when the enemy dedicates an anti-support fleet to hunting your boosehrs down. You know you’re better when it doesn’t even slow you down.

Going out, making friends.

A great example of how not to nano super