[Small Gang PVP] Noir. Academy EU!

Noir. has always believed that getting new players interested in PvP is vital to keeping the game healthy. Many years ago, we created our Academy program to train the next generation of high skill PVPers. It has evolved over time but always resulted in a great experience for young pilots, many of whom went on to become invaluable members of the Noir. community and beyond.

How it works:

Noir. Academy offers a robust curriculum of small gang PVP seminars, hands on training exercises, and participation in actual mercenary contract fleets. Over the course of 2-3 months, we will take 10-20 motivated pilots without much PVP experience and hone them into extremely deadly EVE mercs.

The program will include one keystone hands-on seminar each week covering key aspects of PvP mechanics, scouting and communication, FC skills, and fleet composition. Students will also be integrated into daily corp activities including frequent roams, impromptu classes, and even contract ops to give players a feel for what EVE mercenary life is really like. At the end, graduates will be invited to join the Noir. family or receive a recommendation to the corp/alliance of their choice.

The mercenary life isn’t for everyone, but is it for you? Click here to apply and join our in game channel “Cafe Noir.” to meet our community and training staff.

Lil bump for my EU Crew

join and become a merc!!

OK. we have 6 new people, 4 more and we are ready to go!

Things have been moving along nicely and we’re opening up ongoing recruitment

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