(Re)introducing Noir. Academy! [US TZ]

Noir. has always believed that getting new players interested in PvP is vital to keeping the game healthy. Back in the day we created our Academy program to train the next generation of high skill PVPers. It’s looked a little different each time, but always resulted in a great experience for young pilots who went on to become invaluable members of the Noir. community and beyond. With the return of Noir. we want to keep this spirit alive and are proud to announce the next iteration of Noir. Academy!

How it works:

The latest version of NA. will run on short cycles (approx. monthly) focusing on a different time zone with each rotation. Our first will focus on the USTZ. Each cycle we will take approximately 5 motivated pilots who wouldn’t normally meet the PVP experience level for direct recruitment and give them the hands on training needed to make them extremely deadly EVE mercs.

The program will include one keystone hands-on seminar each week covering key aspects of PvP mechanics, scouting and communication, FC skills, and fleet composition. Students will also be integrated into daily corp activities including frequent roams, impromptu classes, and even contract ops to give players a feel for what EVE mercenary life is really like.

Our goal is to create a tight knit group that fly together and learn by doing, all with the guidance of veteran pilots - some of which have been flying for over a decade. At the end, graduates will be invited to join the Noir. family or receive a recommendation to the corp/alliance of their choice.

The mercenary life isn’t for everyone, but is it for you? Click here to apply and join our in game channel “Cafe Noir.” to meet our community and training staff.


Really disappointed to see this post guys, just terrible. AUTZ Noir. is best Noir. and I want to see that continue with our next class of Noir. Academy students. Much salt. :smiley:

Jokes aside people…

This is a great opportunity, particularly for newer pilots or players who want to take the plunge into PVP and the fun world of objective driven gameplay that is the mercenary life. I was recently looking over the history of all our greatest pilots, content creators and big names in Noir. and was struck by the fact that we all graduated from the Academy. Years ago it took me from being a rough and ragged pirate and turned me into a professional. It can do the same for you. I highly recommend that anyone interested take the opportunity or get in touch to discuss your interest.

There’s also some truth to my jokes about the AUTZ. This opportunity will rotate through all timezones and when its AUTZ’s turn (which will be soon), you’ll be flying with me. I’ll be there to teach what I was taught and drive the fun and activity. If you’re interested, EVEmail me or join “Cafe Noir.” in game.

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p.s. AUTiZm is best TZ

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Very true, Noir. does run a professional AUTiZm support group. When down-time has you down, we understand.

We want to hear from you candidates, this is a great time to come and start, further or improve your PVP game.

Still 2 spots remaining!

All spots have been filled. Stay tuned for our next round of recruitment!


Is the US time zone still open?

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