NOIR. - Professional. To the end

Us in action:

NOIR. is EVE’s oldest mercenary corporation. It has a long and famed history operating all
across New Eden. We also like to pride ourselves as a tight-knit community where clean
kills are the norm and you can be part of something bigger without getting lost in the crowd.

What we offer:

  • Plenty of PVP opportunities where you will always make an impact.
  • Bigger-scale fighting opportunity with our friends in Rekking Crew coalition
  • Calm and skilled members to fight alongside with and extremely stable leadership
  • Contract work with rewards directly distributed among members
  • Active and passive income opportunities in Providence and w-space

What we’re looking for:

  • PVP-minded people who take pride in their piloting skills
  • Professionalism. A mercenary group lives and dies by its reputation.
    You’ll be expected to hold yourself to a high standard of skill and conduct.
  • Willingness to learn and improve with each engagement
  • A cool head in stressful situations, even when the odds are stacked against us

Interested and want to know more?
Just want to chat with us?
Join our Discord server or the in-game channel “Cafe NOIR.”.


Great fleets, good people


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NOIR. is the last bastion of mercenary work in New Eden. Anyone else calling themselves mercs are just a bunch of wannabes.


Been flying with Noir. for about two months now. This is a highly competent group for small gang PVP and proper mercenary work. Everyone is friendly and helpful and I can do nothing but recommend this group.


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Pretty proud of that fleet. If you haven’t flown in a fleet w that level of prep, FCing, and discipline you’re missing out on a fantastic EVE experience

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“Was I a good daily bump?”
“No… I’ve been told you were the best.”
Nano gang goes brrrr on helpless Rapier.

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Friendly plug for our companion podcast Declarations of War where you can hear all about our contracts and related adventures!

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Protect your family from your greatest enemy: yourself. Play EVE, join Noir.!

Flown with these guys over the last couple of days… Great FC’s, great pilots and loads of fun! Highly recommend! <3


Hello, Daly Bump. It’s been a while!
A lot has happened since we last spoke.

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