NOIR. - Professional. To the end

Thank you Dora!

Daily Bump
There once was a pilot named Alek…

Aaaaand from the left side comes…
Dailyyyyy Buuuuuuuuuump!
Ouch. Just ouch.

Additional US bump. If you’re thinking of making an application, don’t wait till the holidays!

We are here today to commemorate the loss of a dear friend…
May he rest in peace.
…Daily bump, would you like to say something?

This campaign we’re on is super fun. If you love black ops, you’d love this!

Daily Bump
He flew ships that looked rather phallic…

I don’t have any good ideas today…
So here’s a daily bump.

Not again!
Daily bump, what did you do?

Daaaamn Daily Bump, you did good!
Now what do you say we have some more of this fine stuff?

Daily Bump

Daily Bump

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m proud to present to you…
The Daily Bump!

So, Daily Bump, it says here you wanna take a polarized Maelstrom and go solo…
Are you sure it’s a good idea?
(huge props to the pilot for pulling this off)

Well, Daily Bum, here we are…
We started this, so might as well…
go all the way.

Daily Bump
But some trouble with an ax…

Wait, what’s that?
You hear it?
Hear what?
Oh, I hear it now…wait, isn’t that…
Daily Bumps! Get down!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Today we’re all here thanks to a dear friend,
the ruler of this forum post (and many others).
We’re here because of the one and only…
Daily Bump, king of the forums!

Heh, that makes for a good story…
Daily Bump, you got any interesting stories to tell?

What’s gonna happen when the Daily Bump is no longer here?
Let’s hope that day never comes!
real quote from our discord:
“your sabre starting to be as long as a iteron V to keep fitting all the killmarks”