Noir. [Est. 2008]

Good morning. My benefactor has need of your services, however, your true professionalism must be weighed and maybe tested. Are you availble for discussions?

280 in the books, on a one week break before we begin contract 281. Good time to join!

TLDR:- if you only ever join one corp in eve Noir. is a good time. I should know it caused me to have marital problems with no regrets.

Wait Noir. Is back…

Man its like that scene in a movie where the guy comes back to his home town to see the girl he once dated had returned too.

Shame im more of a fat f–k and Noir. Is still sexy hell.

I missed you guys after we finished the casino wars / World War Bee with MC. Then when MC got shelved again i joined Legacy Co but it didnt feel the same, so i left eve. I have been drifting in and out of new eden but can never scratch the itch, like Noir. did.

Love the fact the “old” crew have come back (well old to me).

Primus x


Should your life backslide into a crippling EVE addiction, I hope you hit rock bottom with us :wink:


This needs to be in top! Great People!

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Going on a break for a week or two. The past 2-3 months have been a whirlwind of contracts!

Are you guys talking contracts?

Are you contracts for Structure Protection?

WWB2 is spicy. Taste the flavor, join today!

WWB2 was super successful for us. Now returning to Provi for some long awaited pew pew

Available for new long term contracts

Check out our interview with CCP Goodfella and CCP Dopamine here:

Our Academy program is being revamped for 2021 to include a lot more structure and fleet-role-based content. Pretty exciting stuff we’ll cover on the podcast soon!

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Completed Contract Count updated

Big welcome to our new member corp Paragon Elite!

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Contract count updated

On a roll with some noncontract campaigns going well. Contract count will be going up soon ^^

We are still here, what are you waiting for? join Noir. today

I once respected Noir. Your video’s were awesome and your marketing was kick ass. Then you ran from us, ran from every fight. When you did form you formed in drakes and we laughed at the scrubs you had become.

I hope by pointing the finger you grow some balls and fight as that’s what we want.

To the rest of the merc community…hire these guys if you want protecting in 2008 doctrines. It will be like a trip down memory lane…

Idk learn to beat Drakes I guess.