Noir. [Est. 2008]

:rofl: Your alliance was stolen from underneath you by a bunch of kids then you consecutively lost your next alliances due to poor management and sheer incompetence.

:rofl: As a pilot your skill level is below average at best and as a fleet commander we all know how good you are.

:rofl: Whatever faint traces of dignity you had left after losing your alliance completely vanished after getting back together with the same people who stole your alliance and thrashed you on the forums for an entire year.

You are the worst choice for any kind of PR activity.

WB Noir

Video from our employer telling the story behind our latest WH contract


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Remember this ? T.T

Would never forget it heh. One of the most bittersweet fleets I’ve ever been on. Good to be back!

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Recruitment contacts updated

Now available for immediate deployment.

Contract 300! Quite the ride

Now based out of Thera

I have known these guys in various forms since 2008 and they are the real deal!

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Noir. welcomes Black Ops specialist corp Jotunn’s Hammer to The Network!

Lol only just seen this. Shame you don’t have the balls to post with your main. Now it just looks like you are salty and a little cry baby.

On a long term contract atm but bumping thread for posterity and to welcome Lethal Dosage. to the Noir. Network

I heard a rumor that alek only allows noir to be hired out by clients with significant knowledge of the ponies.

This might just be spurious rumors and hearsay I made up to bump the thread of my first love but they’re rumours none-the-less

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Glad to see yall back, I flew with Noir. before a break and it was a blast. Hope to see yall around more.

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As a matter of fact we’re available once again! Our long term null contract is paused for a least a while, so the calendar is reopened (I’ve had to turn down quite a few asks due to our long term commitment so get in while you can!)

Officially off break and available for the next job. Who do you need taken care of?

Gonna be a fun alliance tournament.

This is turning into a heck of a contract in Great Wildlands Related Kills | Bimener | 2021-09-13 03:00 | zKillboard