Who is the best corp/alliance for Pvp

hello I am a returning vet, I would like to go hard into pvp albeit null, hi sec low sec. can someone help me out with some good advice of a great Corp/alliance to join. Can you help with this … I’ve heard corps like Blackflag and I’m loving there fleets they throw at you . advantages and disadvantages of joining said Corp or alliance thank you
i can fly anything just need good peeps to play with.

Which faction would you prefer? Do you prefer operating in a larger or smaller area? Want lots of targets? Timezone you are active in?

Best at what?

  • Educating newbs
  • Plexing and pushing systems
  • Small Gang Fleets
  • Solo fights
  • Capital warfare
  • BLOPS-ing
  • pirating (yes can still happen)
  • logistics & supply lines
  • fleeting up with the militia rabble
  • min maxing LP/hr
  • having fun doing random stuff
  • being very focused and not getting distracted
  • role playing

Some corps/alliances are better than others at some of these things.

What are you looking for, what time zone are you in, what experience & SP do you already have, how many years you been out?


Minmatar-Amarr is much more solo-focused than CalGal. If you want more action, I recommend CalGal, if you want more useful practice and meaningful friends and not getting ECM’d to death, go MinAmarr.

Amarr typically have a better efficiency than Minmatar.
Minmatar does much more roleplay.
Amarr has a diverse selection of very good newbro corps.
Minmatar is far far less toxic.
Amarrs are the least likely to use their own faction’s ships.
Minmatars are very very often in Rifters and Firetails.

Your choice.

I’m looking for pvp corp alliance that brings blingy stuff and has active pilots n fleets , well organized with good fc’s Idc where null, hi sec, low sec. As long as we have a presence and we fight as a fleet n team.

Blingy stuff?
Maybe something like HIDDEN LEAF VILLAGE NINJA ASSASSIN SQUAD eSports Team… they are a group of very strong very talented players.
Good luck getting in though, I don’t know the requirements for entry.

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You may have found a home already, but check us out: Noir. [Est. 2008]

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