BURN BABY BURN! --- >>> September Games (Contract)


since I recently crossed 500b in liquidity, I am going to spend 100b on this small project, just to see if its gonna kick in or if its a crap idea. So… basically its a contract against some alliances. Why them? Well, why not… and I am kinda using them as a testing ground for some bigger events I have planned for the future…

Winter is coming!!!

Contract is up:

Target alliances: Stay Feral / Cursed Battalion

Strength of target: Weak
Region: Syndicate
Pocket: 6-V49K / QS-FVH
Duration of Contract: September, starting 1st of and ending 30th, 12:00 GMT

Kill Map:

Frigate hull (T1): 200k
Frigate hull (T2/faction): 7m

Destroyer hull (T1): 300k
Destroyer hull (T2): 7m
Destroyer hull (T3): 10m

Cruiser hull (T1): 3m
Cruiser hull (T2): 10m
Cruiser hull (T3/faction): 25m

Battlecruiser hull (T1): 13m
Battlecruiser hull (T2/faction): 35m

Battleship hull (T1): 37m
Battleship hull (T2): 100m

Industrial/Hauler subcap (T1): 5m
Industrial/Hauler subcap (T2): 25m
Industrial/Hauler big boats: 125m

Caps: 333m each

Structures: 500m each
POCOs: 25m each just for the 2 constellations mentioned above

PODS: if they are of value more then 2b, you get 100m (the ones with very fine implants)



1st place on killboard ::: 50 billion!!!


So whats the map about? Well, for every kill you make against these 2 alliances, you get paid at the end of the month. Truth be told it is going to be hard to track all the kills so if I miss any, please feel free to contact me via email with kill link and I’ll get you sorted out. Once the month ends, I will do a kill count for corporations involved. If your corporation has the most kills for the 2 target alliances, 50b is yours and will be cashed in to the CEO of your corp so that he can decide on the splits. All the loot you acquire, you get to keep, dont really care much about this.

On pilot basis, if you are on the killboard and your kills are in Syndicate, you get the money for the ships slain. However if its a fleet and you kill a frigate, only 1 of you gets the bounty. If you wanna split it, great. If not, just as good.

EXAMPLE ::: 2 pilots kill a retribution > pilot with final kill gets 7m

I reckon the loot will be sufficient + your own CEO can run a top killer of the month campaign for the pvp incentive. :slight_smile:

Why only 50b for 1st place, you ask??? Well, there aint no place for losers, only winners :slight_smile: Why am I doing this? Well, I am a dick, and a rich one :slight_smile: INIT will not be dropping stuff in Syndicate as Syndicate is neutral turf, HOWEVER, shoot INIT structures and ur fekkered. Just a word of caution.

Have fun.

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Are you (ex) VEGA?

you are not even using ur main character.
i think this is a scam until proven otherwise.


True, this is an alt, but more of a mule, the char that holds all the ‘vital’ stuff. And the isk is legit. However I am not going to disclose my mains :slight_smile: I am supremely confident the targets would feel abandoned in this case. And I dont really want that. After all, they were given an area they do not deserve and this little experiment will prove the point.

Dont even think it matters as I’m the paying party. Money is going to come from my wallet. The way I see it, you can do your daily stuff, walk from station to station, sit at a gate camp and wait for the random shuttle to pass by or you could try to get some isk into your pockets by fulfilling my requirements in this little experiment.

Maybe you even land the 1st place and get the 50b :slight_smile: Or maybe no one shows up and the money remains in my wallet :slight_smile:

Btw, you should read the first line of my initial post. :wink:

On a more serious note, anyone that fleets up with the targets will be considered a legitimate target as well and the Kill Map applies to them also. I pretty much have a rough guess who the blues are and who will come to their aid :slight_smile: So posting some random kills will not suffice. Plus, I will probably be part-taking in this bonanza with a cloaky vessel and a cold beer, frolicking :smiley: So you will see me in local.

And I might even end up on the loss mails of Stay Feral :star_struck:

Cheerio o/

Yawn, another wallet warrior, too chicken ■■■■ to fight his own battles :yawning_face:

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Can you please put me on the target map. I need content.

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Sounds like a fun way to play EVE :smiley:

Ok so…

2 more days, give or take a few hours :slight_smile:

I am actually hoping solo pvpers, small corps/alliances show up and the bigger twatty alliances like PH and INIT stay out :slight_smile: Or at least be decent about it and use their alts :wink:

On the bright side, there has been some interest, mostly private convos. So eventually it should build up, slowly I guess… :safety_pin:

Had a chat with the locals, they are eager to commit, even though they do seem a little annoyed with the “Why us, goddamit???” clause… Its nothing personal, its strictly entertainment and testing for future purposes…

Anyways, good luck to all participants, Ill be in 3KNK-A watching… :wine_glass:

P.S. - just an fyi, from what I saw, everyone is moving around in Syndicate in 5-20 man fleets, so it should be fun :slight_smile:

Does not count

But srsly now pls, starting 1st Sept as stated in first post…

Count this?


No, thats not a viable kill, you see, it does not say Cursed Battalion or Stay Feral… Sorry

You guys should have defended your stuff or sold it to us since you literally did nothing to defend.

Anyone whose interested, these are ex vega dudes salty they go evicted from their pocket because they wouldn’t fight for it.

If your interested in good pvp, come out to syndicate for good fights, but don’t do it for the sake of these cowards who refused to defend when it was time.

Fight for your fun not for these fools.


And so it begins…

3 more hours left and the contract is going into effect

EVERY KILL MATTERS!!! Especially the ones that bring money :slight_smile:

Please take a peak one more time at initial post for ship bounties and if you have any questions, I will be available to address them…

@Pugsley: I assume Vega is the previous owner???

Ok, so far its been slow, currently biggest loser is, it appears easy312 & alts, where he got plonkered in 3KNK-A, no idea what he was thinking, however, good fight it seems for Seriously Suspicious, taking the lead for the 50b…

Vegaa1 on the other hand, decided he would not pursue to aid his comrade, but rather chose the life of grief, killing 2 sad little miners, somewhere beyond the reach of justice.

Stay Feral, as always, chose to stay out of any fights, avoiding any serious losses. As expected, they were ship spinning the entire day in the station in 0T-AMZ. Hopefully they will choose to undock and fight and not just troll local chat with useless blabber.

I assume the pace will drastically pick up on the weekend, with the arrival of some low sec entities and the friendly neighbors from Solitude, Fade and Essence.

Says the guy trying to pay others to fight us…

We had a challenger come to our pocket by the name of Tiberius Trild.

He tried to kill one of our miners and failed. We responded and he proceeded to dock up and log out.

He shortly logged back in and I tried to offer to escort him to safety for a payment and he did not like that idea. He said he was going to watch a movie and be back later but I convinced him to undock once I cracked his ego and we played eve together and it was really fun :slight_smile:


post 3


I use my main account

Don’t worry, he’s broke couldn’t even payout 1 isk.


If we kill you guys, who pays us :man_shrugging:


Nice Kill !

LOL he left his own Corp.

Sorry that I must say it…

Nobody will see isk…

Popovic and Alts have no real life but cry like a Baby if they lost a cheap Gnosis‘ ir other T1 Stuff.