------ Target ------
Omega And Friends Medialabs

------ Payment ------
200 mil ISK (per Customs Office killed)

------ Details ------
This is a public contract that can be taken up by anyone. The bounty - unless negotiated otherwise - will be transferred to the corporation wallet of the corporation on the killmail. If multiple corporations are on the killmail, you will be contacted.

The killmails will be tracked and payed out without you needing to send any kill-links. New Customs Offices do NOT need to be transferred to any corporation. You can either put your own down and keep them, or just leave the spots empty until someone picks them up.

------ Contact ------
If there are any further questions, contact Nexuscrawler ingame.

This contract is handled for a third party, meaning I’m just the public face here. If you would like to make alterations to the deal, I will forward any suggestions to the right person.


“From where we stand myself and Dave cannot stand to see Empire burn no longer as we have formed great relationships with all members and corporations and we would like this to continue. The name of our new alliance is VINDICTIVE”

Can’t handle your own ambitions anymore? Does seeing SOV burn bring a lil crocodile tear to your eye?

I was asked to forward this contract, doesn’t originate from us.
Our ambitions are the same as they always were.


Yes please help poor Nexuscrawler as he and his group are out of ships and have a terrible FC so they have run to Null :frowning:



All good and well Khromius, but your content is not going away, unlike your old alliance.
I was approached to put this out since we’re already at war.
If there are any takers, good.

“Your content’s not going away, it just wont be us anymore, Seeing SOV burn makes us big sad”
-Nexuscrawler 2019

Are you too incompetent to destroy Pocos of a dead corporation yourself?

For the third time, I’m just the proxy here.

Great. If that contractor you proxy for cannot destroy pocos of a dead corporation, let me ask you this: How do they think they will keep the pocos afterwards? :smiley: This is bordering on stupidity.

You should read the post.

New Customs Offices do NOT need to be transferred to any corporation. You can either put your own down and keep them, or just leave the spots empty until someone picks them up.

As far as I was told this is just for shooting them. What happens afterwards is not my problem.

Than that person is not competent enough to shoot them themselves. OMEGA has been dead for ages and they lose Pocos left and right. Incompetent people should not be supported like this.

Bloody hell…

There’s a bounty on POCOs of a “dead corporation”. The people that were shooting it “left and right” already are now getting an additional 200 mil per POCO for it and I don’t have to pay anything.

I don’t get what you are complaining about.

Blah Blah Blah Blah… You’re wasting good thread here man… Go welp another fleet on PIRAT so you can be good at something please…

waiting for payment

thank you


Ahahahahahahahaaaa :rofl::joy::rofl::sweat_smile:


I just have ONE question to that Offer:

Why should anyone shoot a PoCo for the OP who offers 200 M per PoCo if he could sell those to Omega and Friends Medialabs who pays better and has anything relevant that calls themselfs Merc on his payroll, and as just shown sense of humor… ?

Haha. This is epic. We spanked your alliance and Corp all over new eden. Made your kb look red all over. Made you all run for null sec and start a new alliance to clean your kb.

Now you pass on the contract.

I hoped you would actually be content for longer than 2.5 weeks.

Always the same…


So to answer Razefummels question.

We not !! :smiley:

It was a lot less than 2.5 weeks Natural, Khrom and I sank our teeth into them for a total of 8 days and they folded. Shame too because I was just starting to have some fun

It seems the tracking and payout mechanism is broken.
The corp wallet hasnt received a 200m donation recently.

Maybe you shouldnt have proxied this with that issues in your backend.
Now the reliability, capability and confidence associated with your name could be scratched.

If iam wrong please tell me date and time of payment so it can be verified.
Thank you in advance

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