Can you buy Customs Offices from other corps?

Hi, I was thinking of taking over some customs offices I found in high-sec. Before I hit the expensive war dec button (what happened there?), I was thinking of simply asking to buy them from the corp, but is that even possible? Also, how do you know where to place the customs office gantry? I couldn’t find any info wiki about this

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POCO’s can be transfered, so I guess you can sell them. Probably best to use a trusted 3rd party to avoid funny games with the isk transfer though. :wink:

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Not sure you can offer enough ISK to buy a POCO, but what the hell you can always try.

Good luck with that take over thing, I am guessing you will find them well defended in a war dec, or those who own them will simply destroy yours when you place it. So even if it is possible it could get expensive.

Where, think old style POS only around a planet, and like the POS there can only be one per planet.

Here are sources of information to get you started.

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thx for the replies!

As for the war-dec, it looks like the corp is inactive. Honestly it looks like a lot of corps who own pocos in high sec are inactive

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