Should I try and go a get a customs office

Should I as I have no idea if it even gives isk

You could answer pretty much all the questions you ask, in the time it takes you to post a new thread, by using Google.


Depends on various factors:

  • is there another customs office with cheap tax that you could use?
  • are other players also using the customs office?
  • would they still keep paying you if you put up tax?
  • are other players competing for customs offices and are they willing to shoot yours?
  • are you able to defend your customs office in case that happens?

and probably some more. Anyway, it’s not a simple yes/no answer.


Go ahead,

The most profitable ones are in the systems in Caldari space and close to JITA.

Just wardec the owner and take them for yourself.

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is there no npc ones close by?

No, they are all players controlled.

what about close to amarr?

If your idea is to make passive isk. The only option is Caldari space. most of EVE hangs out there.

Amarr space is cool because it looks pretty and that’s about it. Also… Amarr space you have to deal with about 8 different wardec groups.

in Caldari space there is only 1.

okay yeah can’t do pi so thought this might be a good source of isk

It is good. Last time I checked it brings in about 50bill a month from Poco taxes in Caldari space. 90% of it from the systems closest to JITA.

whole cow thats how I might get omgea

what would be a good way to take on of those down? or should i just go to a low sec system and kill the ones there

The quickest, just some battlecruisers or battleships with you and your friends to shoot it. Then drop you own gantry and there you go.

okay thanks

one question how are we supposed kill them with there renforcment

I dont understand. But I assume you are asking how to kill them if they have defenders?

It is a 1 man corp. Dont worry about it.

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no I mean they have reinforcement timers and in that time they can just reset it to back to 25% sheild meaning in restarts all over agian at least thats what Eu says about them

Ah no it does not work like that. Once it is reinforced it can only start repairs when the timer is done, but it is assuming you are there at that time to kill it.

yeah okay thanks

Most high sec pocos are owned by Omega - look at the most recent wars declared against him on DOTLAN to get some insight into what happens to the aggressors