Let's talk about POCOs

In null, they are nothing more than a nuisance to a corp. When settling into a null system, you have to install a TCU, IHUB, then bash whatever POCOs (boring) were left behind by the previous occupants. How would null sec feel about planetary offices being neutral invincible persistent structures that pay out the tax to whoever owns sovereignty (i.e. the IHUB) in that system?

In high sec systems, whoever can be bothered to pay the 100 m ISK per week and sit there for hours bashing a POCO gets to install their own and then gets the protection of CONCORD. This isn’t exactly stimulating or rewarding gameplay. High sec customs offices should instead become an ISK sink where the taxes disappear.

Is it time to rethink how POCOs work?

Before that we need to rethink how PI works .

Haven’t you seen it ? What’s left of Eve is burning , but CCP only cares to grad more money out of you and don’t give a ■■■■ about the game anymore. All of their effort is focused on a monetization campaign.

How about NO. You want to do PI and control the taxes, then you do the work to make it happen. If they are a nuisance and you are too lazy then let them stay and pay the taxes to the owners. You are not forced to grind them.

Also, instead of grinding them maybe take a couple seconds and use your brain. Offer to BUY them from the existing corps. We have acquired several this way. Mail the owner and say “hey we can do this the easy way or the hard way.” If you have a superior force the old owner might take some isk and at least they get something. You then don’t have to grind the structure. You could also do a deal like “hey give us the poco and we will give you 0 taxes, otherwise we blow it up and you get nothing”. Then you kill their haulers when they come to get their stuff in your space ;).


Bashing a poco out side high sec is a zero effort activity that might bring a fight on the timer. It is like 2 dread cycles. Op is a care bear who does not want to fight.


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