POCO and Init attacks

Thinking about rejoining the game soon and just wanted get up to speed on some things .

I see The Initiative are hitting Poco in high sec and have taken out Black Flag structures and towers.

Is this a planned take over of Poco or just an attack on omega and friends, there doesn’t seem to be much resistance to these attacks.


Why does that surprise you? The Omega & Friends POCO Cartel was simply untouchable because whoever dared to wardec them instantly got steamrolled by Blackflag… The very moment a bigger fish is in the water, all that crumbles. I don’t know anything about INITs motives or if that is a longer campaign, problem is that the Cartel will instantly re-establish their POCOs as soon as the INIT pressure is gone. All goes back to the insanely stupid highsec war declaration mechanics.


Is it true that :honeybee: left?

Well, the Init CSM member was proud to defend and uphold the Siege Green Change that eliminated hull timers on Medium Structures because they wanted more structure bashing content and less bored line members. Going from 2 timers to 1. But I guess the multi-day wait for 1 timer was too boring for the line members, and they’re too blue to find things to shoot out in nullsec.

Edit: and let’s not forget that this change was going to be slam dunk for nullsec engagement that CCP was going to show the numbers off in a retrospective segment on their Twitch stream but at the very last minute it was canceled with no reason given.

This change was the final straw for me, and I am highly amused that they cancelled this discussion on Twitch, because it would have shown what a stupid change it was. More worrying was the CCP developer that completely igmored all the people saying it was a stupid decision.

As for these POCO’s I hope INIT go for it, because they do have pretty good all TZ coverage, it will certainly shake things up a lot.

Me likes this a lot…

Their holding corp is Holy Gallente Empire for the new poco

Well they could lose and they probably would have. Better to not come at all, you can always make an excuse about most members having a day off, being drunk or whatever.

By the way, passing around Amarr, lowsec, highsec, there’s pocos at 15%-20% ahahah it amuzed me, made me wanna rage bash a few even tough I am not doing any PI at all

Maybe we need a corp to bash high sec Poco that go above 15% .in high sec

Unless they buy a Poco permit :face_with_monocle:

You know I’m down to those things

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