Planets and PI for everyone, POCO lifetime

Maybe it would enrich the gameplay if the POCOS would have a limited lifetime.
Lets say if you place a poco and nobody is going to harvest the planet, then the POCO dies after 4 weeks.
If someone come to import or export goods, then the timer resets. That would maybe help tiny corps to get atleast one Planet for PI ?
Could that be a good idea?

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It’s a good idea with enough tweaking to please most. I think PI and POCO mechanics as they are now is total bs but oh well, CCP has to do what CCP has to do…

Let us guess, it just so happens to be that you’re part of a tiny corp that would benefit from it. Sheer coincidence of course, you posted this idea for the betterment of the game, not just yourself.

In EVE might is right. So no.


Why not just bash the poco down?


Let me guess, its just the case that you belong to a big corp, that you concered the whole space and then you sit there and chill your day.
If you are that mighty, then head out and harvest the planets. You cant do it on your own? Get more members. More members that can do PI means more omega accounts. And you can concer again and again if you are that mighty. Means more war and would lead into more fun. Gantrys could stay, people can attack them without wardec. That all could lead into a loop to break the stagnation. Then I would maybe found again a corp and would maybe reclaim omega.

Always hire mercs to bash a poco down or bash it down your self?

Ya? Tell me more. What do you mean?

Okay, how many ISK’s did you pay for that service?

I mean. I am kind of a simplest person in EVE. EVE is a game were there is no regulation like in the real world. Biggest group in turn should win. While the little guys usually have to find a way to tear the big corps down. Hire a spy. Hire a merc group put up your own it’s pretty simple.

Last I got a quote I heard from a guy dock workers asks for 1 billion to bash a station down. THIS WAS AGES AGO. Don’t quote me on this quote XD

I wouldn’t be surprised if it would be around 1bil around for a small poco or less.

Basic premise is to amass the man power, ask for a discounted ally rate or hire people to bash the poco for you.

I play mostly solo but nice try. The thing is that I can agree on something in life or in games that doesn’t necessarily benefit me, because I realise it’s not just about me and I realise that the core of this game is about power, wealth and control.

If you want something in EVE you have to TAKE it, probably from someone else. If you can’t (be bothered to) do that then it sucks to be you. In EVE you’re not the sole saviour of Stormwind.

Exactly by brute force or by spying. This is what builds EVE. The lack of regulations is what makes these cool stories happen.

Hire people… yo. No reason to discuss with you. It was just a suggestion. I like my idea anyway :slight_smile:

It looks like you posted this on a public form for the reason of a discussion. If you didn’t want discussion why post it to forums?

You know very well CCP doesn’t take suggestions off from the fourms and does what it deems fit.

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Moderator please stop that troll

I was talking about game mechanics.
You were talking about hire spy’s and mercenaries.
Wrong topic

All mechanics and how players interact with the mechanics. Can’t just simply classify each dynamic into it’s own category for the ease of making the needless suggestion look better.

Shadow Cartel (AKA The Weak and the Scrawny) would just use alts to launch 1 unit of PI every 27 days.


I think you posted on the wrong forum. There are only a couple of people here who give a damn about anything you have to say, the rest are mainly trolls, including me.
Post your stuff on Reddit, you’d have a better time sharing with people who actually want to discuss and not shoot you down for the fun of it.

Oh we care, if it’s not an obvious “make things easier for me” proposal.

Why would you make such a suggestion?

CCP already made it easier to take a POCO from somebody. But it is always easier to destroy a POCO than to to hold it.

What is wrong with the current mechanic? I assume you are asking this because you do not like the tax rates the current owners have on their pocos?

EDIT: Nevermind, I just saw the group he was with lost all their pocos in Amarr space. So now we know the why. And that it was purely for a I WIN BUTTON.