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Flying around eve I think I’m see more POCO under attack , anyone seen a rise in this activity or are you losing your office right now.

Just a fact finding post really, always good to know if a 2nd Poco war is on its way or just people looking to kill stuff

No one cares about high-sec POCOs (outside of a few “unicorn” planets with good stats or in high-traffic areas near hubs) because it takes like 3 years to make back your investment, and it’s likely going to die during that time anyway.

OMEGA and friends care about all these pocos. They are still alive, surprisingly, and they hold many of the factory planets around Jita.

Yes, I did mention that.

POCOs are an intelligence tool. And information has its own price.

Someone does

Siege green seem to have an interest.

Also is the value not to the owner for the low taxes they can set when doing pi

Seems they want to monopilized pocos and PI’s in odin, esescama, and dital. Even riot did POCO rioting in sinq Laison.Maybe they drink too much molotov.

I’d like to start a POCO war but I’m nowhere near powerful or influential for that. Good thing Omega And Friends don’t yet hold all of them. That’s an evil monopoly I wish CCP would look into.

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Except that CCP won’t do that, because the overriding rule in this game is that it is the players who create and resolve conflicts between each other in every available way.

In other words: if there’s a monopolist and someone is bothered by it, then let’s get other disgruntled people together and either militarily crush the monopolist, or create their own POCO network with competitive rates and as strong a defense against attacks as the current monopolist in this game. As time passes, the monopoly will perhaps not be fully eliminated, but certainly reduced.

And in the process CCP will again be able to masturbate to tables and statistics saying that the conflict around POCO has generated trillions of ISK in losses.

Of course CCP could, for example, create industrial ships with POCO features, thus creating new opportunities for players and corporations interested in PI, a new layer of economic and military conflict, probably some impressive killreports on the zkillboard… but no, it’s better to masturbate to the monthly reports of ISK losses generated and build on that the feeling that 18 years of this game’s existence is the greatest success in the history of virtual gaming.


The problem that most players don’t realize is that it’s a fake form of conflict. While certain other conflicts happen because the payoff is expected to exceed the expenditures for the winning side (i.e. a reasonable gamble), sustained fights over POCOs lose money for everyone involved. The only entity to profit from this is CCP itself, because some participants will surely buy more subs/PLEX to replace losses and/or become more competitive through an increased amount of Omega characters. It’s marketed as “meaningful” PvP (alongside the rest of high-sec Upwell-driven PvP), when in fact it’s anything but.

Yep, you’re absolutely right. That’s why I wrote wish and not want.

That would be grand! I would just love to be part of a coalition aimed at doing just that. That monopoly on POCO has bothered me for a couple of years now. Be sure that as soon as I’m able to I will move to create such a coalition of corporations with the aim to break monopoly on POCOs. I just hope there’s enough balls and willingness out there to do that.

CCP is no more opportunistic than any EVE player who who knows what the hell he’s doing. I can’t blame them for that.

That’s a good idea to send up the chain of command. CSM members should have no problem presenting it to CCP! You want to start the thread or should I ?

I think CCP can be swayed if the idea can be shown to benefit ALL.

I think conflict is always legit in EVE, fake or not. When I want to gank someone I don’t necessarily need a good reason or higher profits, all I need is bloodlust and the will to lose a ship. Just because the returns on a specific conflict may not be greater than the involvement doesn’t mean players shouldn’t attack. PvP doesn’t always mean gainful PvP. It exists in and of itself. It needs no raison d’être, it exists because the game exists and that’s enough to attack anyone anywhere.

Just because there’s no profit, doesn’t mean there’s no perceived profit. Someone either profits, or thinks that they’re profiting, and they’re usually at the top.

The players who are heavily buying into the whole “don’t need a reason to PvP, just like the pew pew” thing tend to willing brainwashing subjects who are unwittingly working for the betterment of someone who’s higher up the totem pole than they are. I can understand going out and blowing something up being the goal in itself in small doses, but in a game like EVE, it’s irrational for that to be the sole reason for doing something. Sometimes I look at null-sec regulars who act like absolute fanatics for their cause, and it just doesn’t make sense to me because all they’re getting in return is the ability to farm low-tier space in order to replace the losses incurred from fighting in someone else’s wars, while the true beneficiaries of those conflicts are the ruling elites with the tax income and bot-farm connections.

I don’t disagree with your post but that’s not what I’m discussing in mine.
I’m not talking about constantly losing time, ISK and ships just to pew-pew on someone and handing the benefits over to a higher-up. That’s called being used and I don’t like being used. I would never attack anyone on someone else’s order without knowing the why.
I’m talking about swooping on someone and blowing him the f- up because I simply want to, regardless of profit loss or gain.

This doesn’t really apply to POCO wars, though. I guess you could join a POCO war conflict with such a goal, but considering its timed, organized, strategic nature, there are likely better options.

Right, it doesn’t. We’ve gone on a tangent.
The original idea is to start a POCO war to end the monopoly on those Offices.
You said that conflict wouldn’t be valid PvP because there would be no gain, I simply say the gain would be end that monopoly. Even if it’s a no-benefit war it would still be worth it.

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