The corporation Omega and Friends Medialabs owns almost every POCO in High Sec.
The leader of this corporation terrorizes (with the help of PIRAT) smaller corps to “sell” their POCOs them.

If you want to seed POCOs in the system you life or remove the POCOs of OMEGA contact me we will help for free.

High sec does not consist of just the systems 3 jumps around Jita.

Really ? Thanks for this stunning information. I will go exploring now.

If you need help against OMEGA & FRIENDS contact me.

What are you going to do to PIRAT then?

Shoot them? :). We are permanently at war with them.

You’re doing really well so far. PIRAT still doing exactly as they please…

From now we will post timers from reinforced omega pocos here. If you want a poco declare war against them and contact us.

Join the movement !

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