Time for omega and friends medialabs customs offices to disappear

Tired of paying tax to Omega and Driends Medialabs? Did you know that all those POCOs are owned by just one guy? Want to take a piece of the pie for yourself? Join me, I have 5 alliances and this will give you opportunity to have permawar with omega and friends, we will cover the cost of replacing war structures. All you have to do is join the alliance with the active war and move into next alliance and continue shooting pocos if a war structure is lost. I’m ready to answer any questions. Just convo Doctor per to have details. Time to free highsec from omega has come.

How’s the fight for these Poco going , I’ve been watching zkill and a lot seem to be falling , is the guy fighting back?

Looks like in some of the systems were you destroyed them , he just replaced them with new ones with an even higher tax rate .
All this endeavor looks like a waste of time to me.

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