Customs offices in high and low sec

Is anyone up on the ownership of all these Poco around , what is the average tax rates for high , low and null.

Thought we could chat about the above as ganking chats seem to go round in circles.

So things I’d like to know .

Are groups controlling prices of pi stuff using taxes .

Who are the owners of “omega and friends”
Who are the other big players in the Poco sector.
I know we had Poco wars before ,are we about to have a new one.

So if anyone can furnish me with any information or interesting stories from the last wars I’d be happy to here.

And yes it’s in the right section of Eve forums as 25% tax is a crime :blush:

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Just pay your taxes.


It is interesting to mention Customs Offices as they seem to attract pilots flying Corvettes.

Is that due to their high tax rates?

Replace them with your own?

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Just interested , as I looked into setup cost and have been watching jita holding and black flag fight over these , as well as sage green and other big groups , so more to it than a tower being dropped at a planet…

So it’s content that seems bothering with , if just to understand who’s doing what

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I’ve looked around my neck of the woods and while most poco I found had 25% tax, I did find a few with 20% tax.
It seems that Omega and Friends are the most expensive.

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Omega and Friends provide a quality service, at a fair price.


Thxs for looking .

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Omega and Friends, just a little information, this player uses high sec war deckers to defend his POCO’s which are mostly in European prime time. It was mainly PIRAT in the past but now seems to be Blackflag.

There have been several wars attempted against this corp but the high sec war deckers have managed to win it so far.

I suspect that the player is linked to one of the main war dec players, we thought they had a direct line to PIRAT leadership in some way.

He was repping his POCO’s shields with repping tengu’s. The player concerned does PvP and I allowed him to blow up one of my alt’s ships at the end of a war to regain access to the POCO’s The reason I war decked was that a POCO I wished to use in Khafis had a too high tax rate which turned out to be an error on his part.

The question is whether he part of the war deckers or not, or merely a major user of their services.

We debated going after his POCO’s in selected systems and as part of our annoy Blackflag we used to war dec Omega and Friends and force them to come defend POCO’s. Not sure how effective it was but having multiple POCO’s come out of their timers dotted around made it a bit of a pain for them. However it was not our main TZ.




Omega and friends, the last word in gantry gangster-ism
I love this game.

Owning it; I only pay taxes because I care.



Why do you keep popping up in this post.

Do you make them pay for the Poco in your claimed space Missy

I like that name Gantry gangster’s

Thxs Dracvlad that’s help full

The question is whether you’re in a position to be fighting groups at that level.

And as I’ve been repeatedly telling you, no, you are not. But maybe if you took my advice like a year ago you would’ve been.

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I did say I was just interested.

Not said anything about fighting but saying that who knows , if we find a way that my change, size and skill is not everything, take the French revolutionary army , a bunch of peasants defeated the prussians the best army in the world at the time. I’m sure there are many more stories of the under dog giving a good fight or being a Thorne in there enemies side.

Yes I agree with what you said but it’s here and now what we have to work with.

That’s not how EVE combat works. Real-life combat isn’t a DPS calculation.

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Yes it is , real life is exactly like that, just unknown factors effect the calculation and so outcome, just as certain factors can effect eve battles

The battle of Cyprus ww2 German paratroopers. Landed to take the island , after heavy fighting the Germans calculated they couldn’t win and where about to surrender , but the British used there calculations to work out they couldn’t win , the British surrender 1st to the shock of the Germans , both sides where wrong with there DPS/men /ammo/supply calculations, as an unknown factor played it’s part


It’s impossible to be sure of anything but death and taxes.