Customs Office tax rates in Hisec for PI

So I read up guides on PI and wanted to try it. Most guides say 1) tax rate of 12% or over = don’t use that planet and 2) Hisec is perfectly feasible.

However, I spent 3-4 hours visiting almost every system within 6 jumps of Amarr and checking each and every Planet’s customs office and 90% of them were 20% tax or higher, a few were around 15% and a handful were around 12-13%. Not a single one under 12%.

Am I missing something? As a noob I want to stick to Hisec for now at least. Any advice would be appreciated.


Tax rates are set by players, see if you can make friends with the owners of a POCO and have them cut you a deal.

The other option would be to declare war, take down their POCOs and plant your own.

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^ This or just keep looking. There are areas where it’s really hard to find anything under 25%, but then there are also places where it’s 6-9% on almost every planet.

Greerings, I know a place with good pi taxes, but it’s in caldari space . If that suits you plz mail me ingame

There is a skill, Customs Code Expertise, if I remember right, that will decrease the NPC portion of taxes levied on POCOs in highsec.

In highsec there are 2 components to the POCO tax. The NPC portion is 10% - this can be reduced to 5% by training the Customs Code Expertise Skill. The other component is the Player portion and can be anything the owner wants - the closer you are to a major trade hub, the higher the tax will be. I am paying 8% to 10% export tax for my highsec planets (Customs Code Expertise skill at level 5) - but I live way out in the boonies. Training the skill to level 4 doesn’t take long and will still save you 4%

Aha! I was wondering what the point to that skill is, now that (almost?) all POCOs are player owned. Good to know!

Seems to me this skill should be in the PI certificates somewhere.

Thanks a bunch for the responses and advice.

Just so I’m looking at the correct figure, in the Custom’s office’s info window the tax rate shown is the combined rate, including the 10% from NPC… correct?


POCO tax (in highsec) has 2 types of variables for setting the final tax percentage;

  1. Concord imposed tax is 10%; which can be reduced to 5% with the Customs Office Expertise skill.
  2. Player set tax can be anything from 0% up to 100%; it’s commonly seen at around 5-15%, if set any higher you have a high chance of it becoming a target for destruction or you simply just wont get customers.

so the tax listed on the info is the combined percentage from Concord + Player set taxes. In my player corp we had our tax set at 4% which would amount to a total of 9%. :wink: It saw a fair usage being the lowest in the System and also being a Temperate planet.

Look further out. Like real estate its location location location. 6 jumps from a trade hub is going to be prime real estate.

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