About custom offices

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2 questions:
To place a custom office in a planet you need to declare war to the corp holding the current one and destroy it?

And if u set its tax to 15%, do you pay tax for moving PI as an owner? (Does the tax money come to you?)

In highsec, yes. Elsewhere you can just shoot it without a wardec

Tax money comes to you. If you own the POCO, people conducting PI on the planet pay the tax to you.

You can also set different tax rates based on standing if I recall. Like have a 0% for your corp and more for strangers. Not that it matters what tax rate you pay as you get the tax.

Also, doesn’t some of it go to CONCORD or Interbus or some NPC in highsec?

Yes, but not from what the owner sets as the tax rate. The additional tax in highsec (10% for export and 5% for import -1% per level of Customs Code skill) is something that the user sees, but if the owners sets a 15% tax rate, they get their 15%. The user pays the highsec tax + the 15%

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A couple of additional points.

  • You don’t need to declare war and shoot the POCO - you can negotiate with the current owner to buy it.
  • If you set a 15% tax rate plus the 10% Interbus tax, you won’t have many customers. Normal player tax is around 5% which works out to 10%-15% export tax depending on the customs code expertise skill.
  • You will pay the Interbus tax even if you own the POCO. You only control the player portion of the tax.
  • Owning a POCO makes you war eligible.

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