Custom office tax

Just a question: Why do some corps set unreasonable tax rates on COs? For example Pandemic Horde has some COs in cloud ring that have 100% tax rate. Is it just to keep people for using those planets or do people actually pay that rate? I would also assume but I am not sure that P-Horde members do not pay the same rate.

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Its to get exclusive use. Anybody willing to pay 100% is a bonus


Because they can.

So you freely admit to using off limits facilities?

Their structure, their rules…

Bottom line…

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Simple. I don’t want others to gather the planets resources so i set the tax to 100%. When I ( or the few others I want to gatjher the resources) am ready to get my own resources from the planet I change the tax temporarily to a for me reasonable tax level (or If I am the corp owner I can just leave it at 100% of course). In that way I control the planet.

To clarify the reason I asked as the other day in for sale forums s guy was selling 17 CO and he was talking about them as a good source of passive income. I know their structure their rules and because they can, I was just wondering if people did this just to make planets for basically private use as one would have to be brain dead to use these CO at this price.

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Customs taxes can be set at different rates for people who are blue to the alliance/corp. For neutrals, you can set it at 100%, for +5.0, you can set at 20% and +10.0 at 5%. So yes, PH members will not pay the same as with neutrals.

As with everything, its based on location. When i used to own hisec Pocos, i had like a dozen, but they only paid for themselves after like 6 months. I ended up selling my Pocos at like 80 mill a piece, so i got my ISK back and then some. But thats 100 mill a poco, every 6 months. Thats not very good.

No, its for corp/alliance use.

Thing is, with PI, its shared by everyone. So more people, less resources. If youre willing to pay 100%, then go for it, they wont mind sharing. Otherwise, they dont want non-alliance players taking up resources.

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