15% POCO tax for high sec new players, i mean really


Brand new player here, well 2 weeks old give or take. Got into this by an old mate and i enjoy the game…So far. It’s huge, vast and a lot going on so I enjoy that. However I can clearly see the reason why so many people leave at quit at an early stage of the game.

Anyway, doing PI to earn a few pennies. The question is why does one clan (medilabs) impose such a high tax (15%) on planets. So, and correct me if i’m wrong, but on top of the normal 10% tax.

Yes there is skills to lower that one but for new players, come on… It’s gonna take a long time.

So where is my incentive to join clans like this, knowing that they are ripping people off. Who wants to be apart of that?

How do clans like that operate and who wants to do business with them?

Little hint, you wanna get more people into this game for good? Lower the tax and get people involved.

The game is hard enough and going from high sec outwards for those doing it along is painful.

Is 15% normal for high sec? If so, why? And how does everyone stand it?


Because they can?

Power gives you monopoly. Want lower tax? Contact owner and try to make deal or gather friends and retake POCO.

Members and friends probably have 0 tax.

ps. welcome to sandbox.


because they can and it’s not like you can fight back lmao


Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but as I recall the window that shows your tax rate indicates the total tax rate. The current Eve University article agrees with this. With no skills, even if an owner sets a 0% rate, 10% is the lowest you’ll ever see because that’s the rate the NPCs collect and there’s no getting around that.

All planets have a limited amount of resources that they generate in any given unit of time. That the owner can set prohibitive tax rates is no accident. If you own the customs office, you can discourage others from using the planet and capture the resources for your exclusive use. If someone objects to this monopoly, it is up to them to tear down the POCO or you can opt to deal with the limitations and expenses of launching your goods using the command center to bypass an obnoxious tax rate in favor of the command center’s fixed rate.

And I don’t see how pointing out that one group is doing something you don’t agree with is proof that every group meets this criteria. There’s a litany of groups that are unaffiliated with Medialabs, and even if they were, assuming you have 0 skill and are actually just starting out, a total of 15% doesn’t sound that bad to me.

Mind that the tax rates are based on hard coded base values for the items and don’t fluctuate for actual market value. It’s up to the operator of a planetary facility to determine what planets are viable, what goods to make, and how to get the most out of them. It’s not meant to be a guaranteed meal ticket immune to interference that you can set up willy nilly on the first planets you find. That you’re unsure of how the tax system works makes me think you still have some things to think about.

Free money is free money. I don’t know if there is a lower bound on how little an activity that requires so little time from the player as PI can make that it won’t seem attractive. Enforcing lower tax rates and letting everyone get what they want means nobody has to rise up and change an unfair status quo. Nobody gets a reason to get involved in what goes on around them. Eve is supposed to have heroes and villains, and whether someone is a hero or a villain is mostly a matter of individual perspective. Nearly everyone believes what they do is justified. Our contrary beliefs are what get us involved. You don’t like what Medialabs is doing? Then get involved.


Thank you for the replies.

So the amount shown on the poco is the total amount, adding the clans tax and the npc 10% high sec tax together.

So medialabs are actually charging 5% tax.

Which doesn’t seem half as bad. That 15% can then drop lower as you get the skills? Hummm.

Misunderstanding then it seems and apologies to medialabs for brining them into disrepute.

Again, thank you for the replies.

Oh and I have already been told not to join a clan. All 3 friends got fed up of being dragged into wars and are now going solo.

You’re better off not joining a high sec corporation because they’re all garbage and a colossal waste of your time both irl and in EVE.

How so?

Just curious.

He paints with a broad brush. HS seems to have a higher concentration of trash corps than other security spaces, but it definitely has some good corps of various sizes.


Because Eve is unlike almost every other game you’ve ever played.

It’s a good game, no doubt. Unlike anything else? Don’t know about that…

I am still finding my feet at the moment and doing alright. Non clan stuff with a few mates and such.

But I can see why people leave the game early along with its retention problems.

I’ll give it a few weeks and then decide.

Please stop using the word Clan. we don’t have guilds or clans in eve, its Alliances and Corporations.

if you do choose to join a corp, preferably join either EVE Uni, or Brave Newbies.

and eve is not like any other MMO. This is the only MMO, that I know of, that anything that is illegal in real life, is perfectly legal in game. Scamming, ganking, thieving, camping, suicide ganking etc… Short of harassment, or griefing in newbie systems, anything is just about legal in game.

With all due respect fella, but I can call it what I like. Clan, party, comrades, company, alliance, bunch of Merry Men. Only idiots deal in absolutes. (not saying your one by the way).

What you have just explained about the game is the very reason it has a retention problem. Not all people buy into the immoral side of things. Ganking new players, scamming new players, assimilate or die. Games are meant to be a escape, not a continuation of real life.

It took all 5 mins to figure out that it’s simply a piramid system and those are very very unforgiving to new players.

Forcing you to buy omega to, let’s be honest, play the game fully is another slippely slope, in fact a very bad one. That is another turn off to new players as you can buy a full game for that and keep it more or less forever.

There are a lot of games (WG for example) that you can still play fully but can invest money to get better quickly or obtain things quicker. Eve just shuts you out of like 3/4 of the game from the start. That is quite bad for business and a sigh of a game struggling.

Eve looks and is expensive to play. You have to factor that in.

Hey I’m not here to cause problems about a game that most of you care about, trust me, but simply pointing out as a new player why this game has retention problems. Its all from the first few days, even hours into the game.

Take it as you will chaps.

I like it so far for its complexity. But when games like Star Citizen comes out? Well you know the rest…

Did you really come back just to complain about other posters, and claim that 'Eve is dying !". Star Citizen is welcome to have you, frankly…

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The funny thing is he complains claiming this game to be expensive then pulls SC as the solution. :smiley:


You’re not forced to buy Omega. EVE has always been a subscription game. For the better part of 15 years, all you had was a 1-2 week trial period, then you had to sub to continue to play. For 15 years there was never an “alpha” or “omega” it was trial and subscription.

Star Citizen really??? How much money did you pour out to for the not even half ass game that SC is?

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And pray tell, why did they move it to alpha and omega then? After all those years you say?.. Money. Trying to entice new people into the game… You know that, come on…

Times change, games change, way of bring people into the fold changes and EVE changed with the times.

I don’t blame them what-so-ever.

But what they have done has hindered, not helped the situation by doing it half way.

Companies like WARGAMING/EA makes money hand over fist? You know why? Because you can play the game for free, all of it. But if you wanna get ahead or buy new stuff then you pay.

In one way I admire CPC for not doing that because It causes all sorts of dramas, trust me. And CPC I actually have faith in considering I’m new to the game, at least their European. Take that as you will.

Compared to some developers that are a pack of wolves, squeezing money for as long as they can until their time is up.

But as a new player, a player that already thinks the game is good, I just have to point out the reasons why they struggle keeping players.

  1. Open techs/ships up to everyone 2) Make safe sec completely safe to help new players and 3) free to play game.

People will pay money when they realise how much of a good game this is, instead of leaving due to lack of useable initial content, continued cost and believing they have no chance to climb unless they assimilate.

I hope to see you around in the game, at least for now chaps. I really didn’t start this to offend and like I said, take it or leave it.

And I haven’t lost a single ship yet to a player, so no sour grapes here.


EVE is not for you. Just quit it and stop kicking dead horse. That pointless rant prove that you didn’t spent second to learn something about the game. Sandbox won’t make goals for you. Or you simply lost something and now you are pissed.

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100% agree with Lis_Torin

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  1. all open, but you have to work your way up and to plex or subscribe.
  2. The Newbro systems are very safe (no ganking allowed), anything else is increasingly dangerous. A very reasonable setup.
  3. In fact it is free to play, if you invest time and PLEX your account(s) - there’s enough other players who buy PLEX via Credit Card and sell them for ISK.

You already have a strong opinion. Now it’s time to strengthen your knowledge, too.

  1. “work your way up and plex”. Do you know how silly that sounds. And how much money would you have pumped into the game to get to those dizzy heights?

  2. Safe? I’ll tell my mate who just lost a ship he was mining his heart out to get and suddenly got blown up by that NPC trglavain crap. No notice, no chance, just waiting for him at a gate and he’s now left the game for good. He lost 150,000,00 ish combined just like that, in like 10 secs… Yeah, really safe with those CONCORD clowns looking on. Can see enough of that killboard thingy to see that high sec isnt safe. I felt bad for the guy because he was dropping some ore off on on my behalf (he lost his Porpoise). So “slow clap” another new(ish) player biting the dust. Only chatted to the bloody guy 2 days ago (use TS)…

Did he go looking for a fight? Was he in the wrong part of town? Was he WARDEC? No, he just flew through a gate in 0.8 space and lost a ship he worked hard for, i presume becuase CCP said so…

People don’t like things out of their control.

Horde in the middle of High sec at a random gate? Yeah, right that makes all the sense in the world. Sure it’s nothing do with thinning ships down by CCP. It’s both wrong and really bad for retention.

  1. And anyone else who thinks this is a free to play game at the moment is mental. PLEXing your account is crazy. I’m surprised a veteran member would even factor that in and anyone would endorse that for new players.

It’s time for people to come down from their ivory towers and look at this game from a new players perspective.

Safe space? I truly can’t believe you think that. Shows how out-of-touch people are.

You wanna earn massive amounts of money? Fine, Low and Null space is the place to be, completely 100% fine with that and that is where the risks should be. But Highsec is home to alot of new players that wanna learn the game first and getting ganked and blown up by unavoidable NPC’s whilst going to another location is stupid and counter constructive. For a lot of new players, it’s too much too soon to die in this way.

On some of the forums i have been apart of for a while, some would call this a “moan” post and dismiss it. Mostly by those that are narrow minded diehards or undercover CCP employees, but it isn’t, it really isn’t. It’s a new players perspective and you need to take this in lads. I am not the only one and even now, chatting to other guys and they all think the same thing.

So if i am, and these are then others will be.

Knowledge? Can’t see many people stay in the game long enough for knowledge to be a factor.

Take care and stay safe.