Where to find a good poco tax rate?

I’ve read up enough to know the real money is in lowsec (or wh/null if you have good access), but for now I just want to try it out and figure it out in highsec… except every highsec place I look at has really, really high taxes. And, maddeningly, there doesn’t seem to be any way to search for a lower rate except by manually flying everywhere

Can anyone recommend some places with tax rates that aren’t highway robbery?

Thank you

Take the pocos for yourself and put your own corp to 0% tax.

Or reach out to the owner of the pocos and find out if he is willing to drop the tax on them for you.

I don’t think I can expect to have a ship that could kill one for a few months at least…

Hire mercs

The lowest possible tax rate in highsec is 10%

You can try to put your own down but many pocos are owned by highsec merc corps and will generate a response when you shoot at them.

Best bet is to join a lowsec/nullsec corp as they usually charge lower tax, or none at all.

Well, thanks for giving the most realistic response… not sure why people here seem to assume a newbie can fight a war against well-provisioned enemies by herself. But, since you can only be in one corp, guess that route has to stay closed unless it comes time to move on.

Can anyone recommend some places with tax rates that aren’t highway robbery?

I believe Hagilur 0.4 (only 9 jumps from Jita) has 5.0% tax for NPC custom offices. However gatecamps on the way there are quite frequent. Any good for you?

Also a problem: You have to be able to defend the structure as soon as you own one.
But to be honest, I also assume a Newby is not supposed to become a PI magnate without knowing how to handle the risks. So I second the advice to get into a corp where you get much better rates, protection, and where you can learn a lot about all aspects of the business.

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